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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bambam died earlier this morning. Ganito pala ang feeling. Di naman sa pag-oOA pero ang sakit. Yesterday we were at the vet because I was worried about her not eating. The vet misdiagnosed her as having Parvo. I was a little concerned that he was saying that she has Parvo because all the signs for distemper were showing. The vet even had the gall to tell me that if it's distemper "Bactrim should've taken cared of it". Naiinis lang ako. Kasi I believed him. I don't know anything about dogs except for those that I read on the internet and what other friends tell me. I consulted two other vets. The first vet was a friend of my teammate. Sya din ang vet ng dog nung team mate ko. I told her all of the symptoms that Bambam had and she felt na distemper na talaga. When Bambam had a seizure, she was the one I called. The vet was trying to calm me down pero deep inside, I had a feeling that she's calming me down para di mastress si Bambam. She was also telling me to find other animal clinics within the area to confine Bambam, kaso lang, the animal clinics that she was telling me, mga nakasara (ewan bakit nagsasara ng holiday). Imagine, she's from Quezon City, we have not met and yet she was the one looking for Animal Clinics in the area pa. Mabait talaga. The second vet, my husband found on the internet. I called her up. Her clinic was in Imus but I was willing to drive Bambam there just to confine her na. Pero when I told her the symptoms, she told me that Bambam had a very slim chance of surviving and not to take her to the clinic anymore. Sakit pala nun. As in naiyak na lang ako because it's as if she's telling me na wala na. When I called Vet1 about what Vet2 said, sabi ni Vet1, dahil baka makahawa na si Bambam ng ibang dogs kaya wag na lang. Vet1 prescribed me with Doxycycline. So I went to Mercury. Syempre, since over the phone lang at walang reseta, Mercury did not dispense the drug. I had to ask DA POGI to find a vet on his way home and get some Doxyvet if they have it. Good thing he found a clinic in Bacoor. He told the vet of the symptoms and syempre sabi din ng Vet, distemper. The vet gave him the doxyvet (na di nya nakikita ang dog, sabi nila illegal daw yun, pero sobrang thankful ako sa vet na yun for giving us kahit na onting hope). I texted the vet that diagnosed her with Parvo to tell him that Bambam was seizing and meron nang bula sa bibig niya. Ang sinabi niya sa akin sa text "Looks like she won't make it. Just keep her warm.". Yun lang. Tapos na ang text niya. As soon as he got home, we gave Bambam the Doxyvet na. Since she was having seizures early that day, we were just happy that her seizures stopped for a couple of hours. The Polynerv we gave her helped din. Kasi it calmed her down. Around 7PM last night, Bambam started convulsing. As in nakakatakot na kumbulsyon. Vet1 warned me about this during one of our phone conversations so I was calming both my husband and Bambam during that time. As in try ko magsalita in my most soothing voice. I don't know if it helped Bambam, pero she was looking at me when she was convulsing. Pababa baba kami ng husband ko to keep her company. Then nung nagkapaguran na, sabi ko matulog na kami, let Bambam rest and let our prayers do the rest. Kaninang 450, bumaba si Yaya Joy to cook breakfast. Di na daw humihinga si Bambam. My husband woke me up and he had tears in his eyes. Sabi ko, they need to bury Bambam agad kasi I don't want to see her na. I know na hahagulgol lang ako ng iyak. I called my mom and she was telling me that maybe Bambam was not meant to be ours. We did our best to keep her healthy, kaya lang she was sick na to begin with. Bambam is currently buried in our backyard. I cried on my way to work because I felt that I should've trusted my gut and insisted to the vet that he gets her tested for both Parvo and distemper. Later when I get home, it will be a little sad. Wala na akong ibebaby talk. Wala na akong aasarin ng "Bambambina". Wala na akong susundan habang naghahanap sya ng kung san sya maglalabas ng bomba. Bambam is gone.

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