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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ganda ganda ng Superman. Brandon Routh is Christopher Reeve. Yun lang. Yoko maglagay ng spoiler. Hehehe.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

One of my officemates stole my thunder. This weekend, I had my hair straightened. I am VERY happy with the results. I was half expecting the hair to be brittle afterwards, but it was silky smooth and it really is very different from my usual hair. When I get to the office, feeling ko ang ganda ganda ko. Kaso lang, everytime someone sees me, ganito ang comment nila. Sample Comment: Jen, ikaw ba yan? Ang ganda ng hair mo. Alam mo si ***** nagpastraight din. I have no problems sharing the limelight with somebody. Kaso lang ***** is a guy! Cata, baka sundin ko na lang ang payo mo at magpakulot na lang ako!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The past weekend was all about small victories. I consider myself a mature enough person to handle most of the adult stuff, but little did I know that choosing floor tiles for our house will be a pain. DA POGI and I spent almost 2 hours inside the builder store, just trying to come to a compromise as to which tiles are the best for our new abode. I tend to lean towards the more conservative, thus boring, whites and beiges. My husband leaned towards the more mediterranian, choosing ochres and reds. We settled on having ochre flooring in the first floor and having slightly lighter coloring on the stairs. Now we have to wait another week just to see if the color combination that we chose will go well with the interior. It looked good on visual comparison, but of course it will be a different thing to have a larger area of ochre. We also went around the subdivision that we are going to live in and looked for fences. There has been some people bugging us to put up a fence right away. Actually, more of concrete walls along the property line. We only have one major problem with that. It costs a lot of money. It may just be hollow blocks, but the quotations that we got from contractors are waaaay above the budget that we initially set. Anyway, looking at the other houses, majority of the houses do not have fences. It indicates two things. Either, people feel secure within the subdivision or people are too poor to afford fencing. Hehe. We'll risk not having a fence yet for a couple of months, try to look for the money and then have the fence built. Fencing, after all, is meant to protect what's inside, but if we put up a fence right away, there might be nothing to protect. :D I just love the fact that we are now deciding for our own house. US! We get to choose what we want and we get to worry about where to get it. It's fun and scary at the same time. We're adults!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Usapang lasing. A: may word ba na swish? Ako: Meron. The Bomb: Parang, ang swish naman natin, nakain ko ang laway mo. Usapang lasing pa rin. A Girl: Lahat ba ng shower may stripper? Pwede bang sa baby shower ni L may stripper din? -------------------- Tignan nyo nga to kung ako lang ba ang sensitive or pakialamera lang talaga sya. Ex-Classmate: May baby ka na? Ako: Wala pa. *ngiti* E-C: Ilang taon ka na bang kasal? Ako: 2 years nitong May. E-C: Tagal na rin pala. Wala kayong balak mag-baby? Ako: E hindi pa binibigyan e. Darating din yun kung kelan ibibigay ni God. Atsaka di naman ako nag-asawa para mag-anak ng mag-anak. I got married to share my life with DA POGI. E-C: Engot. Kaya nag-aasawa para bumuo ng pamilya. Nag-asawa ka pa kung di ka naman mag-aanak. Ako: E wala pa nga e. Hindi ba kami family unit na kaming dalawa lang? (Thinking: Engot ka rin, e kung di nga bigyan ng anak? Papano na lang ang mga babae na may diprensya at di magka-anak, e di dapat di na sila nag-asawa?) ---------------------- Kinuwento ko sa kapatid ko yung tungkol kay Ex-Classmate. Ako: So ayun, sinabi ko, di naman ako nag-asawa para mag-anak ng mag-anak. Di ko na nga lang masabi na di naman ako paanaking baboy. Sisterette: Dati pa siguro mukhang paanaking baboy ka. Ngayon, not so much. O di ba?! Kapatid ko talaga sya.

DA GANDA blogged @ 6/18/2006 03:58:00 PM

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

From Elapot Here are my 10 simple pleasures. I'm not passing it on to anyone so if you're interested to give your own take on this meme, just leave a comment in this entry so I can read YOUR simple pleasures. 1. My Shoes. As most of you know, I am a shoe-a-holic. I used to not like shopping and not like trying on clothes, but when I got married, it's as if I suddenly found the inner shoe-a-holic in me. I like shoes because even if I'm fat or I'm thin, I fit in the SAME size shoes. I also take pleasure in putting my shoes in boxes and organizing them by style. It's my life's dream to have shelves with uniform shoe boxes with polaroids of the shoebox content outside. 2. Being complimented. However bad my day is, a simple compliment would make it 10 times better. A simple thank you, or a simple show of appreciation for something I do makes me giddy with happiness. Yeah, giddy. I may not seem like the gal to show giddiness, but believe me when I say I get giddy. 3. Chatting with friends about you-know-what. I met a lot of wonderful people online (you know who you are). People that I have come to consider as really good friends. Just getting some time to talk to them expressing fears, sharing happiness, sharing glory and talking about girly girl stuff makes my day. I don't need to explain that thing that we share, but we have become friends. 4. Having early dinner with DA POGI. Stress on the EARLY part. The earliest I've had dinner with my husband on a weekday is 8PM. He would of course deny it or maybe take offense that I've posted this reality on my blog, but baby, I just miss sleeping early! :) 5. Wearing skirts on Weekends. Oh yes. Weekends are my girly girl days. I am a jeans and shirt kind of girl when I am in the office. I am cautious so as not to attract attention (read: pang-aasar) with my clothing, so when it's a weekend, that's the time I bring out the mini skirts and the long flowy skirts and the knee lenght fun colore skirt. My ex-boyfriend (read: husband) appreciates this as this is the only time he actually feels that he's married to a woman. Hehe. 6. My daily gossip fix. Have to know what's new with the celebrities at Tinsel town. Who's seeing who and who gave birth to what? Who dropped their baby or had plastic surgery done? The Buzz! 7. Lucky Magazine. Thank you BookSale for providing me with cheap back copies of Lucky. It may be backdated by 3 months, but it's all good. Just thank you. Why would I buy at National the latest copy for Php400 if I can wait for 3 months and buy it at Booksale for Php65? Besides, we are not as fashion forward as a country as we'd like to think. HAHA. 8. Iced Venti Low-Fat Vanilla Latte. Especially if you have the Starbucks coupon to save on the addition of the Vanilla flavoring. And most especially when it's on a special day and there's a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free. But of course I don't drink 2 coffee drinks. I do know my caffeine limits. 9. Home Improvements. My husband and I recently had the pleasure of visiting our new home. We now have our own house to decorate (or maybe mess up). We seem to have listed down a lot of things that we want to see in our house. List is from here to possibly half of eternity. Sure this would mean us buying our stuff mostly from Edsa Central (di ba Mel?), but it will also mean that we can put our personal stamp of style in our house. Housewarming anyone? 10. Laughing as if there's no tomorrow. Who wouldn't want that?

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Home Sweet Home!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Taking inspiration from Heinz, here are the ten reasons why I don't think I'd be a good celebrity. 1. My name and my husband's name put together does not sound as good as Benn1fer, Brangel1na or T0mKat. 2. Getting photographed while I'm drunk and having it plastered all over the internet is not my idea of being famous. 3. I don't think I can top Par1s Hilt0n's sex tape. 4. It's not in my genes to lose all the baby weight 2 weeks after giving birth. Heck one of my aunts still has baby weight and her youngest son is 11. 5. I don't think I can keep track of not wearing the same outfits ever. Shoes probably I can manage but not clothes. 6. If I have a child, I can't have him falling from high chairs. Someone already did that. 7. When I'm happy, I don't jump on couches or donate $300,000. 8. I can't stand to have my marriage kept a secret for a year. Or in some cases, 7 years. 9. Every celebrity has a cause. Brangel1na has Africa, T0mKat has the whole Scientology thing, Charl1ze Ther0n has the Blood diamonds. The only cause that I've been passionate about in the past year was to make sure that my shoes were kept in the better part of the house. 10. All the good kid names are taken. Sur1, Sh1loh, Appl3 and M0ses. Unless, I name my kid The Hulk, he's gonna have a mediocre name.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

No I'm not pregnant. That's not the news. :) I am, however, expecting. I have been waiting for news about our house construction for a year now and the house is finally completed. Well, not really completed as in we can move in, because there are some minor need to be fixed before we can finally move in, but nevertheless, the house is there. Now the only thing missing is the pregnancy news. :)

DA GANDA blogged @ 6/04/2006 03:44:00 PM

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