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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Attending my high school reunion is like getting into my usual friday haunts. All the familiar faces were there plus or minus a few people that I absolutely had no idea who were. Yup, my memory was so bad, that I had to ask my seatmate, if she remembered any of the people who came in. I just smiled and nodded and didn't talk at all for fear of saying the wrong name. I hope the souvenir CD will shed more light into who's who.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Parang nawala lang ang weekend ko. Di ko namalayan. Thursday pa lang, sobrang sama na ng pakiramdam ko. I was nursing a fever na, pero pumunta pa rin ako sa Thanksgiving dinner sa bahay nila J. Masaya naman, may turkey na tinawag nilang manok na nakasteroids. Syempre nakakatawa di ba? Tapos nun, 8:30 pa lang, nag-aya na akong umuwi. Duling na ako sa init ng katawan ko e. So basta pag dating ni DA POGI, pinakain ko lang sya, umuwi na kami. Pagdating sa bahay, diretso na ng tulog. Sabi ko kay DA POGI, kung may lagnat pa ako pag gising ko, di na ako papasok. E pag gising ko, mas mataas pa ang lagnat ko kesa nung natulog ako. So tumawag na ako sa OIC ng boss ko agad agad. Sabi ko kailangan kong magpahinga. Reunion pa naman ng HS batch ko nung Biernes na yun din. Nakipag-agree ako kay DA POGI na kung wala na akong lagnat ng 4PM ng hapon nung Biernes, e sasama ako sa reunion ng batch ko. Papano ba naman, panay ang text ng mga kaibigan ko para sabihin na pumunta ako. Meron pang nagpacute na di sya pupunta kung di ako pupunta. Ano ba yan?! At syempre dahil likas na laboy, talagang pinilit ko na wala na akong lagnat ng 4. So nakapunta pa ako sa reunion. Syempre, wrong mistake. Nung pag-uwi ko nung gabing yun, sama na naman ng pakiramdam ko. Birthday pa naman ng kapatid ni DA POGI nung Sabado and since part nung kasunduan na papapuntahin niya ako ng reunion e dapat sumama din ako sa birthday dinner ng kapatid niya. So buong maghapon ng Sabado, tuwing tinatanong ako kung ok lang ako, syempre ang sagot ko ok. E kung mapagalitan pa ako sa pagiging laboy ko? Pero sa totoo lang, sobrang sama ng tama ko nun. Yung paracetamol na nga lang ang bumubuhay sa akin. Same story nung Linggo at Lunes, talaga nga naman sobrang sakit lang ng lalamunan ko, di ako makakain. Advantage ng nagkakasakit: - Free pass sa office. Di kailangan pumasok. - Napakaattentive na nurse ng asawa ko. - Hindi ako makakain maigi, so nadyeta ako. Disadvantage ng nagkakasakit: - Ang sarap nung pagkain, di ko nakain dahil ang sakit ng lalamunan ko. - Tambak na naman ang trabaho dito dahil 1 day akong nawala. - Ang itim ng areas around my eyes. O sige, trabaho muna.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

What is this world coming to?! I went to Ebay Philippines and started looking around. I found people selling gmail invites. Yup you read it right! Gmail invites. Php50 for invite only, Php60 if with POP email. Duh?! Aren't those free?!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Bloggedy Blog Blog Blog. Haven't had time to blog lately. No more excuses, since I've been using the work excuse for quite a number of times already. Nothing new coming up except for DA POGI's bestfriend in Subic. First time to attend such a formal event as husband and wife. And first time to sign the gift as J&J E. Speaking of which, I had a physical exam yesterday and I gained so much weight I am almost ashamed to think about it. I allude it to bad eating habits, plus no exercise. Hay! The monotony of being an office girl and a married woman. I wrote my name wrong 3x. I still have to get used to the fact that I have a different surname now. Back to the grind.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Blurb from First Daughter starring Katie Holmes. "First daughter Samantha Mackenzie's life in the spotlight begins to take its toll. Excited about her first year away at college, she demands to be allowed to go away without having to be followed by a fleet of omnipresent secret service agents. She is elated when her father reluctantly agrees, and the chance to finally be on her own. But, without her knowing, her father assigns one of the youngest Secret Service agents to follow her around on campus disguised as a student anyway." This sounds so much like Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore. "The President's daughter (Moore), unable to experience life like a normal 18 year-old, escapes from her entourage of Secret Service agents while traveling in Europe. She falls in love with a handsome British stranger (Goode), who also happens to be working undercover for her father (Harmon). A modern-day homage to ROMAN HOLIDAY." Hmmmm....

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Monday, November 08, 2004

Work has been keeping me busy these days. No time to blog and nothing much un-work related to talk about. At least I know that I still have a job to go to and work to do. :)

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Since my honey and I did not spend our birthdays together this year (my bad, i said yes to a business trip), he decided to get me a well deserved R&R last weekend. We went to Tagaytay for a 3 day vacation. Was probably at my most relaxed (for quite sometime) this weekend. We left early last Saturday to hie off to Tagaytay. We stayed at a small inn overlooking taal lake and taal volcano. The room was nothing more than a bed, television and a clean bathroom, but, all in all, the place was cozy. Made cozier by the fact that I was spending it with my handsome hubby. Since we woke up early to leave Manila early, we decided to doze off before going out exploring. And doze off we did! We left the hotel at around 3PM to hunt for Gourmet's Cafe. We missed it and ended up eating at Gourmet's Cafe at DAP. Food was the same but ambience was not. After merienda, we went off in search of Caleruega. Both DA POGI and I have never been there and since we planned to go to mass there the following day, we went ahead and looked for it rather than spending the early part of the morning the next day searching for it. We were charged Php20 at the gate, just so we can see the church. The view was awesome. We spent some hours in the place and just seated ourselves in a swing while waiting for the sun to set. And I realized that the sunset is breathtaking, no matter where you are. When the yellows turn into reds and then into darkness, that is a view that would make you appreciate God's greatness. We then took off to look for Sonya's Garden. We didn't get lost. We reserved for lunch for two for the following day. For dinner we went to Leslie's Tagaytay. There was a wedding going on and they seated us at one of the treetop tables. We can see the whole wedding party from the view. The wedding was cute. All the ninongs had leis and all the bridesmaids wore floral dresses. Yup! You guessed it, they had a luau theme. Even the waiter's of Leslie's wore Hawaiian shirts. The whole upper deck of the restaurant had torches and wildflowers on the tables. Yun nga lang, the groom was wearing a coat and tie ensemble and the bride the traditional white. Ok na sana ang theme, but there was nothing floral on the bride, and even her flowers was plain roses lang. Sana sinamahan nila ng mga lilies or stargazers para makisali na rin sa theme. Anyways, I digress. Funny thing happened to the tip. When we have decided what to tip the waiter, we put paper money and had coins as weights. Sa lakas ng hangin, hindi kinaya, so ayun, the paper money was swept into Taal Lake. :) Will tell more later...

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Sundown at Boreal Inn
Originally uploaded by gjen.
Spent my last day in the US playing in Snow. It was my first time to see snow from the sky. The only other snowy experience that I have is Winter Wonderland in Megamall.

Huuuu! Lamig!

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