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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

And I am back! Will be posting pics of my Boreal Inn adventures (yes, i saw snow!) and say something about my homecoming. :D

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Uwi na ako bukas! Woohoo! :)

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Reading this made me smile. I too have been hounded by people to migrate elsewhere. And I have always said that I can pursue my dreams here in the Philippines. Sadly, many Pinoys think that the only way for them to have a better quality of life is to move to a foreign land. Nevermind that they leave their families behind. I know that I am only human and that I might actually need to move abroad for some reason or the other but reading her post assured me that I am not alone with what I feel. I don't want to say that I am never leaving the Philippines, but I DO want to say that its worth it to chase your dreams in Pinas.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Here are Jen's tips on How to Conquer Disneyland and California Adventure in a day(with heavy influence from JP, the ultimate Disneyland/Disneyworld Officionado): Disneyland opens at 8AM on weekends and closes at Midnight. Make sure that you get there when the gates open. California Adventure opens at 10AM and closes at 9PM. In this order (mix and match if you think you can. :p) take the rides. 1. Star Tours 2. Haunted Mansion (new with the Nightmare before Christmas theme, thus the Jack Skellington picture) 3. Indiana Jones 4. Splash Mountain 5. Winnie the Pooh (kinda a kiddie ride, but fun nevertheless) At 9:45 be at the entrance of California Adventure. 6. Soaring over California 7. Grizzly Rapids 8. Mulholland Madness 9. Maliboomer 10. California Screaming 11. Fast pass Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (the ultimate ride! DON'T MISS!) 12. Have lunch. 13. Muppet Vision 3D 14. Animation Tour 15. Ride Twilight Zone! 16. It's tough to be a bug Back to Disneyland 17. Fast Pass Roger Rabbit 18. Watch Snow White 19. Ride Roger Rabbit 20. Fast Pass Autopia 21. Honey, I shrunk the audience 22. Ride Autopia 23. Fast Pass Big Thunder 24. Eat Dinner and do some souvenir shopping 25. Pirates of the Carribean 26. Ride Big Thunder At 7:45PM go back to California Adventure to get a nice spot near the entrance for the Electric Parade. Go back to Disneyland right after the parade to get a spot for the fireworks. If this is followed, you'll be sure that you'll hit all of the rides. One shouldn't stand in line for more than 5 minutes in not so popular rides and 15 minutes for popular rides. That's why there is fast pass. Disneyland is a very very very expensive place. Here's a joke from one of the shows. "Who here is from out of the country?" People raise hands. "Welcome to America!" "Who here is from out of state?" People raise hands. "Welcome to California!" "Who here is from out of town?" People raise hands "Welcome to Anaheim!" "Who here is out of money?" People raise hands. "Welcome to Disneyland!"

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Jack Skellington
Originally uploaded by gjen.
Spent the weekend hopping around LA and San Diego. Will post more later.

Was rained out.

But here is a picture of Jack Skellington to get things started. :)

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

My honey turned 27 yesterday. :) (At least my yesterday. My days are getting all screwed up.) I was wrapped up with being sad yesterday that I forgot that he too might be feeling a little sad for not being able to celebrate our first birthday as a married couple together. Sorry baby for being so whiny. And being such a Scrooge. I hope you had a very happy birthday.

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/14/2004 02:54:00 AM

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I am seriously concerned. PalmOne has launched it's new Handheld Tungsten T5. It is currently out in the US and is offering free overnight shipping. It has 256MB of on board memory which doesn't go blank if you forget to charge (which I usually do!), a landscape and portrait view as with T3, can work like a USB drive, and has a beefy processor. Add to that the look and feel of my Tungsten E. Never mind if it still has a bug. I am seriously in lust. I am seriously concerned about the health of my credit card. How many times do I have to say seriously?

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/13/2004 03:51:00 PM

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Golden Gate Park
Originally uploaded by gjen.
The picture was taken from the Golden Gate Park Botanical Garden.

It's not really related to what I have to write today. Technically, it's not my birthday yet here in the US, but in the Philippines, my birthday started a couple of hours ago. This year will be my longest birthday ever. Starting at 9AM this morning and ending tomorrow night midnight.

I'm not really that looking forward to my birthday. It's my first ever birthday away from home and my first ever birthday as a married woman. I'm not planning any birthday celebrations and I don't plan to spend my birthday cooking for other people.

I feel so Mr Scrooge-y.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

Olmsted Point
Originally uploaded by gjen.
Yosemite Trip was a blast. The 2.5 days that I stayed there simply wasn't enough to explore anything that needed to be explored. Was only able to go up to Columbus Rock to see Half Dome. I realized that I really needed to get into shape.

Camped out in very cold temperatures. On the second night, I was decked in 2 sweaters, a sleeping bag and 2 very thick blankets. Good thing I did this since the temperature dropped to 6 degrees celcius that night! That might've been the end of a girl from the tropics like me.

Camping would not be camping if you don't have campfire. Not giving a care about booger infested noses. Roasted marshmallows and campfire stories.

Thanks C. Had a great time!

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/11/2004 08:57:00 AM

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Reading Aids' blog entry reminded me that it has been indeed 5 years since we left college. Parang kailan lang ano? Here's what I remember about college.

  1. Bespren and I had the Maricel Sy episode. Need to look that up in the archives.
  2. Pauee used to go with the sosyal part of the block. Ewan ko nga ba bakit naging kaibigan namin yan e sobrang sosyal. Joke lang Pau.
  3. Pauee's first impression was I was maingay. Syempre first impressions last.
  4. First ever Christmas Party at Perry's house. O di ba house party? Pero tame lang kasi ang babata pa namin e.
  5. Watching the Lantern parade at the Eng'g steps. In the 5 years that I was at Eng'g I have never watched Miss Eng'g. Strict ang parents ko e.
  6. Spending time in SM City in between breaks. Naalala mo pa ba bespren nung sinusundo pa tayo nila Momon sa Marksmanship class para manood ng sine after school? Hanggang may pera may pampanood ng sine.
  7. Sitting in NEC talking about anything under the sun.
  8. Syempre, the ultimate divide because of an Org. O di ba, pang soap opera?
  9. Hanging out in Yia Hall rooftop with SAVER.
  10. The Fishbowl in the DSP Lab.
  11. Sir Rodrigo of Math 17. May posing pa syang nalalaman. Alam niya kasi na pogi talaga sya e. :D
  12. Having my first manliligaw in the history of the Philippines. Remember this phrase: It's like killing a fly with a sledgehammer.
  13. Bespren and I fighting over my hair color. And just suddenly not talking to each other.
  14. "Ma'am your straps", sabay lalong nilabas ang bra straps.
  15. ES1. Thanks to Jonathan T, I passed.
  16. Ano ang tagalog ng friction? Di ba kiskis. With matching demo by Doc Pacheco.
  17. EE160. A class of 60, with only 15 passing.
  18. Enlistment with Manong Jun. Asan na ba si Manong Jun? Parang di kami masyadong close ni Ate Mimi e.
  19. Establishing life long friendships.
  20. Taking EE131 three times under Doc Araneta!

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/05/2004 03:08:00 PM

Trying to make everything work together is just making hell out of my life. The long days are now taking its toll on me, I just try my best to keep being as alive as I can be. As my boss here says, Getting Sick is ZBBed. (Meaning it's below the priority line) Since I am away from travel, I have designated someone to act as my backup while I am gone. So far, it has been ok. He's doing a good job of keeping most of the tasks away from me as much as possible. But then, some tasks are just to administrative for him to handle. So, when the boss sends me a meeting invitation for 7PM-9PM, I just go without any question. Especially when your name is right smack in the middle of the invitation asking you to call in at that time. Hay! I'm just trying my darnedest to do it all.

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Monday, October 04, 2004

Golden Gate Bridge
Originally uploaded by gjen.
This was taken 4PM. The skies had been gloomy the whole day yesterday. I brought sunglasses but I was only able to use them for less than an hour.

Met up with my cousin P, wandered around Golden Gate Park. We haven't been to the middle of the park when we decided to turn back. I must've walked like 10 blocks or maybe more.

C and I then headed to Muirwoods to visit the Redwoods. Walked another 2 miles around the forest.

I haven't done this much walking ever!

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/04/2004 03:14:00 PM

Friday, October 01, 2004

Ok, so I shouldn't be commenting about this since I am not really directly affected by it. But the BMW thing just really makes me mad. Sorry bespren, but I really have to say something about it. First of all, I can't believe that your company is still giving out incentives to executives even though it's mostly their (the executives) fault why you needed to layoff people. Sure they say that it's cost cutting, but even if it's cost cutting shouldn't they take the wants before the needs? Isn't there a way for making it a win win situation for everybody? Instead for buying another BMW for another executive, why not use that money as incentive for people who might want to take early retirement? In that way, you wouldn't be laying off people who really needed their job but will be getting people who volunteers to retire. Or maybe using the money to keep people a little longer, to tide them over the next few months? Heck! They probably don't get paid much. I am not saying that the company I work for is perfect. In truth, it is not. There are a lot of systems here where there are a lot to be desired. But I do know that my company cares about their people. Sure, they make us work almost to the point of having someone whip our backs while were working, but when there is a downturn, we all feel it, not just the little people. The compensation structure works. Sure, we're NOT the best paid engineers out there, we're earning probably worse than what they pay the guys in your company, but I do know that during the bad times, everyone feels it, most especially the executives (no bonuses for them!). And during the good times, everybody feels it (big bonuses for the executives). There is no way to be shielded by whatever the economy's fluctuations may cause. Which I think should be the case right? I know that they did a cost analysis of this, like what Emman said, but if you think about it, where is the heart in that cost analysis? If they protected the privileges that they give to executives, what does that say about their role modeling? Are they saying that the little people do not contribute to the success of your company? I'm just ranting. I just feel that there is a certain level of responsibility that your executive should've taken when he brought his company sponsored BMW to work after laying off people.

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/01/2004 01:27:00 PM

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