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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Another wedding kwento... * If people ask me what the highlight of our wedding is, I would have to say DA POGI's surprise for me. As a history on how our relationship is, I would just have to say that DA POGI is the strong, silent type when put next to such a spirited personality as me. You wouldn't expect him to stand in front of the crowd and do something, that some people might think, embarassing. DA POGI sang during our wedding. Yup. That is right. My man sang in front of all our relatives and friends. Everybody commented that it's great expression of love because he rarely sings. He doesn't sing in the shower, he doesn't participate in videoke sessions, but he sang for me. He even prepared a whole picture show with the lyrics of the song in it. Para talagang videoke. He put in hours, just to finish the whole presentation. And he sang his heart out. And I was so proud of my husband. * I remembered this while talking to my wonderful cousin over IM.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Whenever DA POGI introduces me as his wife, I get shivers. It sounds so right and yet I feel that it seems to make us feel old. I probably need a lot of getting used to the fact that I am indeed someone's wife now.

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Monday, June 21, 2004

Been married a month! I'm thinking nothing much has changed. Except that I now wake up next to DA POGI every morning. And that I cook a lot nowadays. My DA POGI goes home with pasalubong for me whenever he can. Hay! I hope we stay as sweet as now. Maybe even sweeter pa. :) * Was surprised with a dozen super duper red roses. Ain't my honey sweet?

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Beautiful Bohol. More Bohol stories soon.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Lakers are losing*. It would be near miracle if they can get over this 27 point deficit. Darn it! * Pistons won the series, 4-1. Lost a bet to my DA POGI. Wawa naman si Malone. O well! There's still next year.

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

A snapshot of us on our wedding day.

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

From Mitch: A - Age: 25 B - Boyfriend: Ang aking mabuting maybahay, si DA POGI C - Chore you hate: Washing Clothes D - Dad's name & occupation: Hector. Currently retired. E - Essential everyday item(s): watch, cellphone F - Favorite actor/actress: Keanu Reeves, Aga Muhlach; Julia Roberts, Sharon Cuneta G - Gold or silver: Gold H - Hometown: Manila I - Instruments you play: None. I can't even carry a nice enough tune. J - Job: Engineer K - Kids: None... yet. L - Living arrangements: Renting a Condo. M - Mother's name and occupation: Tess. Officeworker. N - Name and who are you named after: Jennifer. I was named after a song. O - Overnight hospital stays: Once. To stay with my, then, sick lola. P - Phobia: Snakes. Q - Quote you like: "Schizophrenia beats being alone." R - Ride you have: A blue corolla (inaangkin ko na) S - Shows/Soaps you like: Friends, CSI. I don't watch TV that much. T - Time you wake up: 4:30 AM U - Unique habit: I sleep on bus rides. V - Vegetable(s)/Fruit(s) you refuse to eat: I'm trying to think, but nothing comes to mind. W - Worst habit: Procrastinating X - X-rays you've had: chest X-ray, dental x-ray Y - Yummy food you make: Chicken Adobo. :D Z - Zodiac Sign: Libra

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I cried on my way to the altar. Not just tear-in-my-eye crying, but tears were rolling down my cheeks one at a time that I looked like I was constipated for a whole week. It was so bad that the priest had to ask me in front of the congregation as to why I was crying. See, I was fine during my preparations at the hotel and during my car ride. Sure I was a little nervous, but not enough that I think I was gonna cry. I blame it all on the bridal car driver. I was happily chatting with him in the car when my parents went down to chat with guests. Manong: Ma'am, ok kayo a. Mukhang di man lang kayo kinakabahan. Me: E bakit naman ako kakabahan, e happy occassion to di ba? Manong: Kasi usual sa mga brides na hinahatid ko sa kotse pa lang umiiyak na e. Dapat kabahan kayo kasi habangbuhay na yan. The idiot that I am, I listened to him. My stomach started to feel a little quesy, up to the point that I was coughing and I thought I was gonna throw up. And when friends came over to the car, I only managed a weak smile. I shouldn't have given manong a tip. He was at fault for my constipated looking pictures. Thank goodness my make up was waterproof.

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Monday, June 07, 2004

Taking time off from work before the wedding has really helped me relax. I took a leave of absence from work, 3 days before the wedding. While most of my Wednesday was spent worrying about seating, I managed to just let go and not worry about it anymore. If people not in the list start turning up, then it�s up to my coordinators to start seating them wherever they want to seat them. Thursday was spent beautifying myself for the wedding. Since, we�ll only have our clothes washed once a week, I hoarded underwear. I now have enough underwear to last me 1 month if I wanted to. I also spent the day bonding with my sister. We went to the spa for some waxing and then I went to have a full body scrub and massage. The same night, my high school friends, best friend and sister threw a bridal shower for me. They even had a stripper that did things that we thought could not be done. :D The day was super enjoyable for me that I didn�t have time to worry about small details for the wedding. On Friday, We checked into the hotel. We treated both families to dinner so that we can have some time to bond before D Day. I actually just slept the whole day and did not worry about anything. It just seems that everything was in place. I sent an sms to my coordinator just to tell her my room number. I spent the night in the hotel with my best friend and another friend. Since my wedding is 9:30 AM, I woke up pretty early. I was up by 3:30 and was already done with showering and prepping myself by 4:30. I took my time because that day was my wedding day. I promised myself that I will have no worries that day, and aside from a mild panic attack, I was worry free. My MUA who I though will be late, arrived promptly at 4:45 PM. They started working on my hair and my sister�s make up. Though they started early, my make up was finished only at 8:45, leaving me little time with the photographers because I had to leave for church by 9:15. My coordinators started coming in at 5:30AM. The photographers came in at 6AM. My florist came in late with the flowers. She was supposed to be at the hotel by 6AM but was only able to deliver at 8AM. Good thing my coordinator was on top of it and I didn�t have to worry too much. It was a good day for me. I was chirpy the whole morning because I knew that I was going to meet the man that I will spend forever with in the altar.

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Swamped with work related emails due to my 2 1/2 weeks hiatus from work. Wawa naman my staff because they were swamped with issues not normally seen. Like how often do you get issues that all servers are down. Only when I am on vacation! :D Had a blast in Bohol. Honeymoon was greeaat! No TV, no newspapers, just sun and surf. And well of course the chocolate hills. But they were green so they might as well be called the choco-mint hills. Hehe. Wedding was great. Still need to gather thoughts and memories to be able to blog about it. Thanks to all well wishers. -- Jen

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