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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Very thankful for the extra cheese in my sandwich. The lady at the sandwich counter gave it for free. ;)

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/29/2003 04:10:00 PM

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

15 minutes lang kasi ako nag lunch kaya eto: 1. WHAT'S THE STORY BEHIND YOUR NAME? Everyone thought that I was gonna be a boy and my mom only picked out boys names. So when I came out, my mother just said that she will name me Jennifer, after a song. Para J pa din. 2. NAME FIVE [5] OF YOUR FAVORITE PIG-OUT FOODS. Seriously, hindi ko talaga maisip. 3. HAVE YOU EVER HAD A MAKEOVER? I never let my hair past my shoulders, hanggang graduation sa college. Two years ago, nagpahaba na ako. Baka kasi biglang magpropose si DA POGI. At least ready na ang hair. Hehe. Pero make over, as in with makeup etc? I still look the same way as I did in high school. 4. NAME ALL MEMBERS OF THE BEATLES. John, Paul, George and Ringo. I would definitely consider nicknaming my son Ringo. It's such a cool name. 5. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO ON A HONEYMOON? Pwede bang tour of the Phillipines? As in tour, all the major cities, with pictures in all the landmarks. Including Maria Cristina Falls. ;) 6. ONE THING YOU'RE GRATEFUL FOR, TODAY. Got free coffee for accompanying someone to the coffee stand. 7. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY? There are so many! I can never pick one. Anyways, I guess playing jackstones in the Grade 9 corridor and making our fake wedding invites. ;) (Mine was parchment paper, rolled up and inserted in test tubes. ) Making those tusok tusok projects. Making the teacher cry. Joining quiz bees without ever winning. :p 8. WHAT IS THE MOST INSANE THING YOU'VE DONE FOR/TO YOUR CRUSH THAT HE/SHE MIGHT NOT/MIGHT KNOW ABOUT? I've listed, as the name of my groom to be, in my fake invites the name of my crush. And, I had my friend, The Bomb, create a logo and I stuck it at the back of my HS id. ;) 9. DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM WEDDING. Don't wanna. I'll wait till May. :) 10. WOULD YOU EVER JOIN TEMPTATION ISLAND? Hell yeah! A chance to ogle guys with really great bods without guilt. ;) 11. NAME THREE [3] TEACHERS YOU LIKED IN HIGH SCHOOL/ELEMENTARY. Mrs Abuel (Grade 5), Miss Macuha (Grade 9 and 10), and Miss Francisco (Grade 8). 12. DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE QUOTE? WHAT IS IT? Good strategists seize opportunities. Great strategists make their own. 13. MY FIRST HEARTBREAK HAPPENED WHEN I: Heartbreak? Can't even remember. 14. THE SCHOOL PICTURE YOU BURIED IN YOUR BOTTOM DRAWER? A picture of me and my High School friends under a tree. And a picture of me and my College bestfriends in the Engg steps. 15. DO YOU HAVE ANY WEIRD PREFERENCES? WHAT ARE THEY? I don't like it when I get my clothes dirty. As in kahit maliit na speck ng dumi, gusto kong magpalit ng damit. 16. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX? There are other parts of the female body, you know. 17. WHO ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS? Bespren, Pauee and, of course, DA POGI. 18. NAME ONE TV CHARACTER YOU'D MOST WANT TO BE. Catherine Willows in CSI. That is one cool job! and she always manages to look great, no matter how gory the crime scene is. :p 19. IF YOU WERE FAMOUS, AND WERE TO BE A GUEST ON A TALK SHOW, WHOSE SHOW WOULD YOU CHOOSE? WHY? Morning Girls. Gusto ko e. 20. GIVE YOURSELF A PORN STAR NAME. Royal Reyna. Para in tune with Pepsi, Coca, ako naman Royal. :p Reyna, para RR, atsaka Queen. di ba? 21. DO YOU HAVE ANY WEIRD SLEEPING HABITS? None that I know of. 22. WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO DO THIS SUMMER? Get married. :p 23. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW? If the Moonlight shines from Paris. pero favorite all time, Angel of Mine. 24. WRITE A LINE FROM ANY SONG. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you... Too much King and I. 25. DO YOU KNOW AT LEAST ONE DISNEY SONG BY HEART? WHICH ONE? I once sang (nung makapal pa ang face ko) Part of your World, in front of the whole class. hindi ko maimagine na ginawa ko yun. 26. DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM HOUSE. I would like a 4 bedroom Mediterranean style house. I like reds and oranges kasi. 27. YOUR TYPICAL SLEEPWEAR: Pajamas and a tank top. 28. WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG? Wallet, Cellphone, hairbrush, phone, Kikay Kit, and palm. 29. WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET? cards, cards and more cards. Saka picture namin ni DA POGI, 4 years ago. 30. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR WALLET RIGHT NOW? Rough estimate? around 300. 31. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES? My black loafers. Pero I wear it to work lang. 32. IF YOU COULD'VE GONE TO YOUR PROM IN A DIFFERENT OUTFIT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I would never have gone to prom. 33. HOW WAS YOUR PROM? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. That's not funny. 34. TELL US ABOUT ANY OF YOUR BIRTHDAYS. I have a routine for my birthday for the past 4 years. Take a day off from work, go to mass, have lunch with DA POGI, watch a movie, and go home to have dinner with Family. 35. WOULD YOU RATHER BE A HOBBIT, AN ELF OR A DWARF? Elf. I want to learn how to speak elvish. 36. WHAT ARE THE FIRST FIVE THINGS YOU WOULD SPLURGE ON IF YOU WERE A BILLIONAIRE? Electronics Cars Travel Travel Travel I'd buy a small island for myself. I'd buy DA POGI the FHM publishing house. 37. WHAT IS YOUR DAILY BEFORE-GOING-TO-BED RITUAL? Clean up, Prepare clothes for the next day, Check list if I need to bring something to work, read a little, pray and then sleep na. 38. WHAT IS THE WEIRDEST/FUNNIEST NICKNAME ANYONE HAS EVER CALLED YOU? My dad calls me Efer. 39. NAME THREE [3] OF YOUR FAVORITE CARTOON CHARACTERS. Sid from Ice Age Dory from Finding Nemo Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast 40. WHAT ARE THE MAGAZINES YOU READ ON A REGULAR BASIS? I read FHM monthly. from Chel

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/28/2003 08:03:00 PM

I've been reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. It tackles the relationship of science to religion. I don't know why, but the first time I saw an ambigram (a diagram where in if you turn it 180 degrees, it would still read the same), I had goose bumps. Last night, I kept on reading. Couldn't put the book down. It's a mix of fascination and the fact that the more I read the more that I am scared to close my eyes. Which is weird. The book should be more "huh?! who woulda thought that" rather than, "this is scary shit!". I should've taken bespren's advise and have a completely light book next to me (ala shopaholic series or the devil wears prada). According to her she read Paolo Coehlo in the same time that she was reading Dan Brown. Feeling ko, ang weird ng response ko sa book.

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/28/2003 04:34:00 PM

Monday, October 27, 2003

Had dinner with The Bomb yesterday. She had Baja Fish and I had grilled shrimp. We were talking about stuff for the wedding (she's excited, already planning accessories to go with the dress!). She suddenly stopped talking and pointed to a small door. I didn't notice anything and then she pointed again. Lo and behold, it was my friend from Mangan (the really big rat). Hindi na ako nakakain ng mahusay. Anyways, Glorietta has got to do something about their houseguests (read: Mickey mouse?). As in, that area is a strip of restaurants, katakot naman kumain. Hay! I missed The Bomb. Tagal na namin di nagkikita. Coolest friend ko yan. As in, in na in palagi. Artist kasi e, pero hindi angsty. Can't wait for our next dinner/lunch together. ------------------- I seriously need to edit the links that I have. Some of the blogs in my links are in hiatus or have moved to another blog. Will try to get to it when I have the time.

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/27/2003 04:16:00 PM

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Give me a couple of hundred bucks and I'll roam around the mall like there's no tomorrow. Was wearing my cross trainers yesterday for malling. Learned my lesson that cross trainers are really the best shoes to go about malling. Was wearing birks last saturday and my ankles hurt. Don't know why. Bought a couple of shirts and new jeans. New jeans! As in, I've been scouting for well fitting jeans for 5 months. Ngayon lang ako nakabili. I resolve to lose some flabs na talaga. Kakahiya kung ang laki ng puson ko for the wedding.

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/26/2003 04:28:00 PM

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Pretty full schedule today. I'm currently in a meeting and they are debating about somethings. Me wonders how they can do that. It's night time in the US, they should all be asleep by now. Sleepy ako because of lunch.

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/22/2003 09:36:00 PM

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I am now the most organized person in the world. I couldn't help myself last night and just gave in to the urge. It's not enough that it was out of stock in the 4 out of 5 stores that we checked out. What's important is that they had stock in the last store we checked out. It's 0% interest for 3 months. Since I was planning on buying it in cash, I might as well use my credit card, even just to earn the points. I was smiling ear to ear last night, couldn't wait until I can charge it so I could start tinkering with it. I was even a little disappointed when I put on the plastic writing protection. There were bubbles! And now, it's synced with my laptop. It now contains pictures of me and DA POGI, of my schedules for the next 4 months, of contact information of wedding suppliers. Can't wait to get home later. Some more tinkering needed.

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/21/2003 04:53:00 PM

Monday, October 20, 2003

My DA POGI really cracks me up. We were on our way home last night, he was driving and I was talking about losing some weight (like 5 lbs). Then a song played on the radio. It was a 50cent Ludicris song from Too fast, too furious. And then he commented, "Ay, too fat, too curious". I'm thinking about changing my blog name to Too Fat, Too Curious. Not that I think I'm fat. It's just really funny that he thought of that. -------------------- On the techno-craving front... I know that I erased the Sony Clie Sj33 from my birthday list, but yesterday, I chanced upon the Palm Tungsten E. All of the geeky nerves in my body just started waking up. I know, this is a low end model (not a T3, which would really make me drool), but it has the memory and basic functionalities that I need in an organizer. I will be the most organized person in the world if I become an owner of this. Of course, I might only be rationalizing my craving for this gadget. Also, if your check the prices of the new versions of Palm, they have regulated it. There is also now a palmOne Philippines which shows the suggested retail price of the newest Palms. It used to be that every store has a different price, but if you visit the electronics store in the Makati area, all of them priced the Tungsten E the same. Except for Mobile1 which sells it at a higher price because of the included membership in the purchase. And on top of that, the selling price here and the selling price in the US just differ by $10! This should cover shipping charges. I'll just wait for November so that my excitement would lessen. Baka mamaya, I'll be buying it on a whim na naman.

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/20/2003 06:53:00 PM

Yesterday's topic at RX was about Friendster. They were asking the listeners if they were willing to date someone they met in Friendster and would they be ashamed if they did. Before that I was just telling DA POGI that I still don't get Friendster. It's supposed to get you connected with friends, right? But I do that all the time! Do I need a website to remind me? Or to give testimonials about my friends? Pero ang sipag kong magbigay ng testimonial a. So in effect, pa epek lang yung di ko magets ang friendster. :p

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/20/2003 05:15:00 PM

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Was out gallivanting* around Greenhills yesterday with DA POGI. Wasn't able to buy anything. Just got tired from walking around. I was quite surprised with myself since I was able to control myself from buying. DA POGI was looking for a Green Lantern Logo shirt. We weren't able to find any so he was a little pouty when we went home. Wala lang, I just wanted to use gallivanting in a sentence. ;) *E, I want to use this word, bakit ba?!

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/19/2003 09:34:00 PM

I was watching Friends Season 4 last night when I had a thought. Why is it that Pinoy comedies rely so much on ad lib? Sure, they have the basic plotlines for the storyline but do they really come up with the scripts? Also, I wonder why they would always integrate something from the actor's personal lives? Do they find them funny? I wish they would provide characters to the Pinoy sitcoms. Watching Friends, made me see that the actors were really into their characters. Like Lisa Kudrow for example. I doubt if she was really that ditzy in person. I watched her in Analyze This and her character was really different from that of Phoebe. I wonder if Bayani Agbayani can do the same.

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/19/2003 04:34:00 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I don't think I can ever complete a list of 100 things about DA POGI. I don't think I can ever reach a 100 things about me. Don't know if it's a sign of our non-complexity or a sign of my lack of knowledge. Maybe one day I can try to write a 100 things about us. Will need to be more observant. :)

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/15/2003 05:42:00 PM

Monday, October 13, 2003

Still no sign of my cough clearing up. Rested from work for 4 days and my cough is still there. Buti sana kung pumapayat ako, e hindi naman. DA POGI and his family went to our house on Sunday for Pamanhikan. They brought all sorts of food (of course, I chose the menu, so family favorites). The 'rents got to talk, and since this was not the first time that they met, they mostly got to talk about other stuff. They talked about the wedding for like 5 minutes then proceeded to talk about other things. My DA POGI was a little nervous when he formally told my dad that he was going to marry me. Wasn't that sweet? Yesterday was our birthday. Brought cake to DA POGI's office for his team, had mass and then lunch at Tony Roma's. The highlight of the day: We watched Kung Ako na lang Sana. Ang ganda ng mga dialouge. Tawa kami ng tawa. Had a great day yesterday, only to find out late last night that I will be presenting at 7AM today. Buti na lang girl scout, prepared na sa presentation. ;) Thanks for all those who sent in their birthday greetings. :)

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/13/2003 05:50:00 PM

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

My coughs and colds have gone from bad to worse. I hope it eases up. I have a full weekend ahead of me. This is not a good birthday gift. :(

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/08/2003 09:39:00 PM

Friendster update: I am now connected to 12,557 people through 5 friends. Of course my pathetic state of just having one friend in friendster was noticed by some people. Still don't get it though. Maybe only time will tell how much I'll get into this friendster stuff. In the same way that I didn't like John Mayer before, this might change into something addicting. I hope not. :p

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/08/2003 06:28:00 PM

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I attended a meeting early today. I emailed all of my updates to the meeting chair. It's for the simple reason that I'm having difficulty speaking. Had to ask my next meeting to be cancelled. Hay! Sana mawala na ang ubo ko. Went to the clinic earlier to ask the nice lady if I could see the doctor. Unfortunately, they don't accept walk ins anymore. This is one of those days that I wish I was back in the Manila office. If I wanted to see the doctor there, all I had to do was go to the Clinic. Here, there should be a preset appointment with the doctor. Hay!

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/07/2003 05:20:00 PM

Sunday, October 05, 2003

I don't get it as usual. I've been a friendster for a couple of months already and so far, I have only one friend in my list. Just one. And that one friend only had me in his list. How sad is that?

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/05/2003 10:49:00 PM

I never really showed a picture of my engagement ring. Now after 5 months of being engaged, here it is. Pardon the clarity. Had some problems with trying to just take a picture of it. My digicam had some problems with focusing. Heck! I'm still unable to take a picture of it while wearing it. :(

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/05/2003 06:56:00 PM

Alias on a Monday. Watched a whole DVD of Alias this weekend. Finally got myself to episode 18. As my sister would say, Alias is so far off from reality that if it were true that governments were chasing after, and believing, Rambaldi artifacts then we would be in deep trouble. I watch it just to see Agent Bristow kick some major ass. I also watch it for Sydney's cute outfits. Heh.

DA GANDA blogged @ 10/05/2003 06:45:00 PM

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