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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

What do you do when you get lost at night with no light or house for the past 7 kilometers? You look for the nearest videoke house since that might be the only establishment open at 7 in the evening. Yes folks. DA POGI and I got lost on our way back to Manila from Punta Fuego. We were approximately 10 kilometers away from where we should've turned before we found the nearest videoke house. What's worse is, because of our poor eyesight (yes, both of us should be wearing prescriptions), we didn't even notice that there was a road where we were supposed to turn. Kapagod lang.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/30/2003 07:39:00 PM

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Spent the entire weekend with my future in laws. It was DA POGI's grandma's 80th birthday, so almost everyone was there. During lunch yesterday, the aunts were teasing my future brother in law's girlfriend. FBIL's GF was asking how old Baby G, DA POGI's little cuz, will be in 2005. Kukunin daw nila. Of course, everyone asked if they were getting married in 2005. Sabi niya, Hindi po, Hermana lang po kasi ang mommy ko sa 2005, kukunin namin sa sagala. Then, FFIL asked what's wrong with 2005. She answered that she'd be too young to marry that year. She'd only be 25. Then of course, FMIL just had to say that I'll be 25 when I get married. FBIL's GF blurted that she wanted to get married when she's 30. I told her that, initially, that's what I wanted too. Then smiled. She just smiled and went to the sala to have a talk with the young kids. For the first time, DA POGI's younger cousins are calling me Ate. It's actually sweet. One of his cousins asked for what I have to say about the board exams and working. He's an engineer din kasi. According to The Knot, only 237 days to go.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/28/2003 05:08:00 PM

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Check out what Mark has to say about the Kris-Joey Hulabaloo and abuse in general.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/25/2003 06:56:00 PM

If you ask me about my wedding preparations and I answer that I am none the least excited, you can hit me in the head for lying. I could barely sleep the past couple of days from the excitement of seeing my wedding gown become reality. I've been having dreams about my wedding day, good for me, most of them are pleasant. If this is any indication of my non-excitement, I don't know how I would be acting when I am truly excited.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/25/2003 06:48:00 PM

I was at my mushiest last night. Got hold of DA POGI's phone and I put in a calendar entry to remind him of something. When he read the reminder he sent me an SMS and thanked me. Kaso lang, nakatulog naman ako sa pagod. Hay!

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/25/2003 04:54:00 PM

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Wasn't able to catch this on TV. Sino kaya ang nagsasabi ng totoo? -------------------- Katawa. Every channel seems to be fixated on the Kris-Joey breakup. Joey had a phone interview in Sis, and I think Kris is giving her side of the story in Morning Girls. When the channel was moved to Net25, they had phone ins giving opinions about who's telling the truth. It's beginning to look like a circus. An officemate of mine had an inside scoop on the story. His sister knows the assistant to Johnny Manahan. She says that what really happened was Kris got jealous over a text message, got his phone and threw it. It hit a candle which fell to the rug, and the rug caught fire. Joey then pointed his gun at her. But of course, it still does not explain the bruises that she got. Sobrang showbiz ko talaga.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/23/2003 03:25:00 PM

Monday, September 22, 2003

Can I add this to my birthday list? Tanggalin ko na yung Clie. Ayoko na nun. UPDATED: Birthday Wish List 1. A sony clie sj33. It's not just an organizer, it's an MP3 player. Technomarine Cruiser in mauve. 2. A Canon 10D camera. I'm not replacing my Nikon 4300. I just want to reinforce my photography. ;) 3. A Sony Ericsson T610. To replace my trusty 8250. 4. Health, wealth and happiness for DA POGI. (It's his birthday too!) 5. World peace.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/22/2003 07:07:00 PM

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Someone up there must like me in a weird sort of way. Been praying for the past couple of days for the school receipts to turn up. Finally decided on Thursday night to go to school Friday morning and have those things reprinted. It took up most of my morning as I had to go back and forth between accounting, registrar and Notary Public. All this (plus almost Php200) just to have my receipts reprinted. So I was quite happy with myself. On Saturday, I went through most of my stuff and see if there's anything for disposal. I go over the papers that I have every week so that they wouldn't pile up. And that was when I saw my original receipts. See, someone must really like me to have my prayers answered. And it is true what they say, He takes his time to answer your prayers, giving the answer at precisely the right time.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/21/2003 04:52:00 PM

Thursday, September 18, 2003

I am on official leave tomorrow. Will be out the whole morning to work out the mess with the missing school receipts, go to the bank to create some activity in my bank account and hopefully go to comelec and LTO to register and renew license. It's a pretty full day. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep the schedules that I created. Half of me wants to go to the office since my day would be much busier tomorrow than my other usual fridays at the office. Here's to wishing for stamina.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/18/2003 07:52:00 AM

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I heard my first christmas song ever yesterday. Don't even know the title. Basta it's Filipino ang commonly sang by kids when they go carolling. I can't feel the christmas spirit yet. Maybe because my birthday is still around the corner. When that's done, I'll probably get my groove back about Christmas. Worst thing that could happen is that i forget about Christmas because of all the wedding rush. In the same way that I forgot about my graduation because of the rush for the board exams. Sana matapos na tong code na tumatakbo para makadebug uli ako. Malapit ko nang ibalibag ang monitor ko dahil sa ayaw sumaayos nito. Kape!

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/17/2003 09:38:00 PM

Amen to these. And they say California is going to the circus. Whoever said that obviously have not heard of Philippine politics.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/17/2003 12:44:00 AM

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Johnny B has changed. I knew him as a guy who takes pride in his work. But now, talking to him, I can't believe that he would tell me that money is more important than challenge. I know for a fact that money is important, but I never knew that his philosophies in life will change because of money. I wish he would think about what he's saying first. He does not come from an impoverished family here in the Philippines. His mom is a doctor! And a very successful one at that. So I don't think he can tell me na kumakalam ang sikmura nila. Wala lang. I shouldn't have expected too much. Ever since naman, he never thought of himself as a Filipino.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/16/2003 10:04:00 PM

Monday, September 15, 2003

Maybe I am becoming a mad bride. All I can think about lately are wedding details and the wedding budget. I even take time off from work, just to be able to go to suppliers for the wedding preparations. I haven't told my boss that I am getting married but I do hope that he notices that I have a ring in my finger when I usually go ring-less. O well, time does pass by. About 2 months ago, I was not obsessing about the wedding. I kept on thinking that I still had plenty of time (10 months). Now 8 months to go, I'm going nuts thinking about the details. In simple terms you can just call it madness.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/15/2003 09:52:00 PM

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Been reading Diary of a Mad Bride by Laura Wolf. It's funny. I can relate to some of the stuff that she's going through. Maybe it's because I am going mad with all the preparation. :)

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/14/2003 11:42:00 PM

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Went out last night for some drinks with a couple of team mates and our expat. Must've drunk a whole pitcher of margarita by myself as I was a little tipsy at around 1030. According to A, it's because I drank non-stop. Stopping only to talk. Of course I begged to disagree. The four of us who reported to the Cavite office had bags under our eyes from lack of sleep. Expat is MIA. The one guy, lucky enough to report to the Manila office today, commented that expat might've gotten hitched. But again pure rumor. Heh. The boss is going around the area looking for him (expat) maybe wondering what might've gone wrong. I will neither confirm or deny that I was with them last night. :) UPDATE: Expat finally got in. Was smiling sheepishly when he passed by my cubicle. Had to hold back from asking if he got married last night. haha.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/11/2003 06:26:00 PM

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Hay naku! Still at the office. I finally closed an issue that went in when it was almost 4PM. It's as if problems know that work stops at 4 and they suddenly crop up at around 3:45. And as if I know how to solve them in 15 minutes tops. My DA POGI has requested that I take a day off on the 19th to go to a bridal fair. It's by invitation and we were invited. Maybe then we'll be able to book someone to help out in the wedding. Hay!

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/10/2003 03:43:00 AM

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

My school receipts are missing. I can't reimburse my tuition because of the missing receipts. This is so sad. Have to go to school just to get a copy of the receipts. And they're saying it won't be easy. Pero tatahakin ko ang hirap. Sayang ang pera. :p

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/09/2003 11:56:00 PM

A visit to my friendly DVD pirate had my wallet groaning. Was able to get a copy of CSI season 2 DVDs and Alias season 1. In my opinion, the season 2 DVDs were much better copies. Or did the lighting between season 1 and season 2 really change? Will have to allot some time to watch it. Good thing DA POGI has work on Sunday, so I have all the time to vegetate in front of the TV watching my DVDs. Grabe! I can be such a fanatic. Last night, while watching an episode, kakalabas pa lang nung teaser, my sister and I talked about what will happen in that episode. Of course we were right. Pero meron pa rin kaming namiss. Kailangan mamemorize ang details. Hehehe... I don't have cable in my room, so you can guess the excitement over a couple of DVDs.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/09/2003 08:09:00 PM

Monday, September 08, 2003

Sometimes when I really feel bad about work, there are only two persons that I can approach. They, often, offer good advice. On some days they would tell me stuff that would cheer me up even when I am at my saddest. I thank those two persons. I know they know who they are. I may not be the most congenial at times but I know that I could count on my big sisters to help me out. Even if at times the problems are because of them. I know that I may be confusing at times because of the mood swings but I thank you for keeping up with me. Though I don't say it, I'm really thankful for having you as friends. Hopefully, things will pick up and I won't feel as bad about work. I know that when some help comes around, things will be better.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/08/2003 09:48:00 PM

I can be star struck at times. Saw Marc Nelson yesterday in Glorietta. My tongue tied up. As in, I couldn't speak straight and my thoughts are wandering. He sat opposite us in a restaurant and my eyes just keep on straying to his end. Buti na lang walang international star sighting dito sa Pinas.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/08/2003 05:19:00 PM

Sunday, September 07, 2003

I now know how Harry Potter felt when he had Berty Bott's every flavored beans. Jelly Belly produces them and I actually tasted dirt. Good thing I didn't pick earwax.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/07/2003 10:00:00 PM

Thursday, September 04, 2003

While Pen is starting with school again, I have decided to stop from school. Finally got the grades for both my subjects and the average comes down to below average. Yesterday, I was talking to B and telling him that it takes some amount of failure to realize that you can't have it all. Even if you try your hardest. This may be my failure. Can't blame it on bad luck. I just don't have enough time and energy to handle working in Cavite, taking the shuttle bus everyday and then going to school on some days. I can't even study when I get home because by then, I'll be tired from the travel and would rather take time to talk to people at home than study. Some people tried to convince me to continue, even if I take a lighter load this term. I was confused for quite a number of days. But still it boiled down to my decision: I just can't take the load anymore. At times when I am in the office, I worry about how I'm going to pass the subject, but when I am out of the office, I worry about the stuff I left because I don't have time. Like Ruthie said, it's a constant catching up. Everything just went out of sync. And honestly, I would rather excel at one thing and not have everything, rather than having everything but having my best effort be mediocre. So there, I've said it.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/04/2003 04:13:00 PM

Marathon meetings yesterday. I was out of the office to attend some of the wedding stuff. I met with a caterer, a photographer, met a make up artist along the way, went to a coutorier, and met up with a florist. I haven't solidly booked any of them, but at least, I'm not being limited by my choices. Still have lots of stuff to do in preparation for next year, but at least 60% of it is already done. Good thing I spent extra time on it last Tuesday. Pagod na ako. Ang tagal ng weekend.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/04/2003 12:16:00 AM

Monday, September 01, 2003

What do you do when someone sees your underwear? Joke your way out of it. That's what I did. I was in the middle of a meeting with someone when a peer of mine went into the room and commented that he can see my underwear. Not only that, I was wearing thongs! So imagine my embarrasment when he told me that he did not expect such lively colors. I immediately covered the exposed underwear, and maybe some exposed skin, and just joked with him about him having a crush on me etc. I think I managed to get some of my embarassment out of my system. I hope he doesn't call me Jenny underpants one of these days. Heh.

DA GANDA blogged @ 9/01/2003 08:30:00 PM

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