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Thursday, July 31, 2003

I referred an acquaintance to a photographer I met. I didn't really like the photographer's style and I'm still waiting for him to present me with an actual album of his work. As in an actual wedding. Anyways, she met with him and they instantly clicked. She sent me an email telling me that she liked his work and said thanks for referring her. Then I asked her what he showed her. And she described to me a video of a wedding that I gave that photographer. I wanted him to think about this style but now he claims that the video was his own work! So I sent her an email and told her that they may have misunderstood each other. Because that video was from me. I do hope they sort this out. I wouldn't want him to be accused of plagiarism. He seems so nice pa naman.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

And the lady is back in her groove! I've been feeling a little down about work lately, causing me to really slow down on closure of issues. I've had one issue that was sitting in my plate for over 5 days and it was a fatal issue. Then suddenly, after the training this morning, I came alive and just started debugging it. My fingers seem to just type out the commands and my brain just seemed to absorb everything just to find out what's missing in the whole environment. I am honestly thankful that I am out of that funk. Bring in the work again! :)

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/30/2003 10:39:00 PM

I'm going to practice something this morning. I'll just type whatever comes into mind for the next five minutes. Just so what I would discuss would be free flowing and without any regards to form or grammar. Yesterday was DA POGI's mom's day. Had some trouble the day before about what to give her. I've been strapped for some cash but I wanted to give her something nice. As in something she can use. She's a little picky when it comes to gifts. For the past several years, DA POGI only gives her money as a gift, for whatever occassion. Anyways, so I decided to just buy ice cream and asked my sister to make a bracelet and necklace combo made of semi precious stones. Good thing my sister has a steady supply of semi-precious stones. See, jewelry making is beginning to be her hobby. She sells those at much much lower prices that what they have in the malls. Yesterday, I saw an exact same bracelet that I was wearing and it costs Php350. My sister sold it to me at Php150. Big diff! Times up. Will write later if possible. I didn't type as fast, so pardon the length.

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Monday, July 28, 2003

The class earlier was talking about emotional bank accounts. And that trust was the basic building block of this account. Once you did something to destroy the trust, the account can be overdrawn. But of course it changes depending on one's relationship with the person who he shares the emotional bank account with. -------------------- Regarding my desire for an MMS phone: I've decided to back off from it. I'd rather put in my hard earned money on something that won't be outdated in 2 years time. Talk to me tomorrow. I'll be saying a different thing.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/28/2003 09:03:00 PM

I don't like W. I really don't. According to A, I have lost patience with all people. Maybe it's true. But that's not good. I work in the support group and patience is a big thing. Maybe I'll take a vacation to refresh my patience pool.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/28/2003 05:58:00 PM

My phone is so outdated that I'm just itching to sell it and buy a new one. However, the bride in me refuses to let out that much money to replace it. I must admit, I don't have an MMS enabled phone yet and I don't know how much good GPRS will bring me, coz I've never used it. Last night, I was talking to my dad and he offered to exchange phones with me. See, my dad is a techie. He has a laptop that's half the size of what I have and a 6610 for a cellphone. He says that he really does not need a phone like his 6610, but I can see it in his eyes that he does not want to part with it. So, I won't take up his offer and try to resolve my cash flow issue. If only I won that cellphone in the raffle.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/28/2003 12:52:00 AM

Sunday, July 27, 2003

No wedding updates for the past couple of weeks. Nothing has been happening on the wedding front. It's as if DA POGI and I forgot that we were getting married in 10 months and that we would actually need to plan for it. Yesterday was supposed to be the day that we revive wedding planning. Anyways, I started wearing my engagement ring on my right hand. People have been noticing that I don't wear it when in fact it was on my left hand. I just move it to the left when I need to write something long. I'm a weird right handed person. I should not wear anything on my right wrist or the fingers on my right hand in order to write something. It's just uncomfortable. Today is a slow day. A, E and T are all in the Manila office and about half of the other people that was supposed to report here in the Cavite office are either on Emergency leave or was late. It's really quiet around here. I wanna go home, snuggle up with my DA POGI and watch a couple of DVDs. If only I don't have an exam tomorrow. Hay!

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/27/2003 10:49:00 PM

Yesterday's episode ruined my whole schedule. I was supposed to go to a caterer sponsored food tasting but was unable to because DA POGI lives in the Oakwood/Glorietta Area. People have been calling them since 4AM in the morning yesterday just to tell them not to go out of the house. Anyways, caught up on much needed sleep. I slept the whole day yesterday. I was up till 5AM Saturday morning answering my take home exam. Managed to get to class with 2.5 hours worth of sleep. On top of that, class last Saturday was up to 3PM. Watched Tombraider at 4PM. Had dinner with Bespren, DA POGI, Pauee and Pauee's girl which lasted till 8PM. Finally slept at around 9. The only thing that got me going was my grande cup of Cafe Mocha and a large coke from McDo. Have to make sure that I won't sleep that late again. I'm getting old.

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Thursday, July 24, 2003

I have a take home exam that I need to submit tomorrow. Honestly scared that I won't finish the freaking exam. There are 9 items and I was only able to answer 2. Now, that's scary. Been working since 6AM this morning and left the office at 7:30 last night. Is there something wrong with me?

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/24/2003 04:47:00 PM

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I know I said that I want to lose weight. Pero, I don't want to be this thin. What's up with Lara Flynn Boyle anyways? Everytime I see a picture of her she seems to be thinner and thinner.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/23/2003 10:36:00 PM

Photo finish. That's what I would call this morning. Woke up with a start at 4:55AM this morning. I should've left the house 20 minutes before that time. I only had time to wash my face, brush my teeth and put on some decent clothes just to make it to the 5:20AM bus. I made it, but with my hair in disarray and wearing only birks. Yup, I forgot my sneakers at home. BB is teasing me that I stink. I wasn't able to take a shower this morning after all. But in fairness, I took a shower last night before going to bed. As in, I washed my hair really well, last night. Next time, when I set the alarm, I need to make sure that the phone is not in silent mode.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/23/2003 07:20:00 PM

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

The weather yesterday totally screwed my schedule. Bespren and I decided to take a half day off from work just so we can arrive early at school yesterday. We had a scheduled exam which, I don't know if its fortunate or unfortunate, did not push through because CHED cancelled the classes at 2PM in the afternoon. We were on the way to school by then. It was chilly outside and kinda hard to walk with my heavy backpack and the strong winds. Since school was cancelled, the strong winds blew us to Glorietta, where we availed of the Mossimo sale. I was knocked out of my writing groove by a phone call. Try to patch it up later.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/22/2003 06:07:00 PM

Monday, July 21, 2003

Thirty minutes more to go. I'm pooped. :(

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/21/2003 12:41:00 AM

Sunday, July 20, 2003

This is super galing. It links any actor/actress you put in the box to Kevin Bacon. I tried German Moreno, Cris Villanueva, Tina Paner and Romnick Sarmenta. Some of them relate closer to Kevin Bacon than one might think.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/20/2003 06:01:00 PM

Thursday, July 17, 2003

I've been humming this since Monday. Don't ask me why. I know where I got it though... As Time Goes By You must remember this A kiss is still a kiss A sigh is just a sigh The fundamental things apply As time goes by And when two lovers woo They still say, "I love you." On this you can rely No matter what the future brings As time goes by *Moonlight and love songs Never out of date Hearts full of passion Jealousy and hate Woman needs man And man must have his mate On this you can deny It's still the same old story A fight for love and glory A case of do or die The world will always welcome lovers As time goes by

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/17/2003 12:07:00 AM

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Learned something new today. I've always thought that if one says Open Source, it just means that the code is viewable and useable by everybody. Period. Didn't read the fine print on that one and I only found out today that Open Source does mean that the code is viewable and useable by everybody, but by using Open Source code, it also means that whatever code you create with it is deemed open source. So you don't have any propriety ownership on the modified code. Dude! That's a geek post. hehehe...

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/16/2003 11:52:00 PM

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I checked my SSS contributions for the almost 4 years that I have been working. I'm thinking of using my SSS account and getting a salary loan. People keep on telling me that I should utilize this loan else someone might use it. So, I found out that I have been contributing for only 33 months. I've been working here for 33 months. Meaning my former employer didn't put in any money for the 12 months that I was with them. Stupid me, I didn't check before I left them. I threw away my payslips since I thought they we're no longer of use to me. R told me that this might happen. Seems like it happened to her. I don't know why they did that. I worked my bum for them for 12 months. Never mind if I worked on Sundays. Then I find out about this. Don't even want to talk to them anymore to correct this. And to think I did them a favor a couple of months after I left them. I gave them professional advice for free! This just plainly sucks.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/15/2003 11:42:00 PM

My teacher thinks that we're stupid. See, we have this paper due at the end of the term. So I sent him an email giving a brief background on the subject. He answered back telling me that I need to know what the material is, etc etc. Got me wondering, Does it matter if I know the material or not? I will be researching on the topic and to me that means that I'll get to know the material with the research that I'll be doing. His email didn't make sense. Well, not enough sense to me. I should've answered back and asked him what his purpose is in giving the assignment. Bit back the words since I don't really know how his mind works, and my simple question may be tagged as insubordination. Gosh! The politics of school! :) --------------------- UPDATE: I finally fixed my archive codes. Guess I'm not so dumb after all. Haha!

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/15/2003 10:01:00 PM

Some people are just not meant to write blogs. I'm not referring to myself. For one, I barely have thoughts that would provoke massive hysteria from the people. Well, I barely have coherent thoughts so that wouldn't be a problem. So I guess, I can be a blogger, but not really about something specifically. I can blog about the hits and misses in my life but not really about specifics. Don't let me stick to one topic. I have an attention span of a 7 year old. I would get restless if I am only allowed to talk about specific topics. So I envy people who can do that. There are blogs out there that are specifically about technology. I like reading them, but only every other day. My brain sometimes freezes from all the information I am likely to get. Plus, my wallet gets depleted because I would want to buy the stuff they've been talking about. If I can't buy them, I shop to ease the depression. ;) Anyways, I have somewhat digressed and don't know where I want this entry to go. I'm ending this post for now. I'll try to think of something more coherent later. ;)

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/15/2003 07:17:00 PM

Monday, July 14, 2003

Johnny B is in a ranting mood. Been talking to him through instant messenger and it seems that he is not in a good mood. Initially, I thought that all was well with him, then for some reason he was lashing at my boss (his former boss). Honestly, I don't really care about what my boss does, as long as I am given what is due to me, I am happy. As long as I respect him, I'm ok. I just told Johnny B that he should get on with his life. I mean he is better off now than when he was with the team. He should just be happy and not dwell on the past. Nakinig naman ata, kasi he stopped ranting after 2 hours. :)

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/14/2003 10:41:00 PM

I finally bought myself a backpack to carry my laptop. My back is killing me for carrying the load in only one shoulder. DA POGI has been kidding me that my shoulders have already tilted to the right. It's an additional purchase but I don't want to have lopsided shoulders on my wedding day. Anyways, this morning during breakfast, I was complaining to E about the lack of good looking guys in our workplace. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a replacement for DA POGI, nor am I looking for that one last fling. It's just that for a place teeming with engineers, this place seriously lacks some good looking fellas. Maybe, I'm staying in the wrong building. heh... I remember, I used to have a crush who we call Aga. For some reason, I can't remember why we call him Aga. He has no resemblance whatsoever from Aga Muhlach. My boss just nicknamed him that. He was cute then, but now, he has grown his hair ala F4, and it didn't suit him. Let's just say that he now belongs to the majority population of the people here in the office. Another guy, we nicknamed, Rustom, got married and gained weight. His appeal came from his being lanky. Let's just say that he's not as cute anymore. Ay! I'm so weird. Laitin ko ba naman ang mga tao dito. hehehe...

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/14/2003 04:52:00 PM

Sunday, July 13, 2003

What a sad sad blog. My comments are missing, the archives are malfuntioning. The writer is having writer's block. I'm just waiting for the tagboard to go kaput and that's it for me.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/13/2003 08:38:00 PM

Thursday, July 10, 2003

If I think about it, I'm getting married quite young. By the time, I'm married, I'll just be 25 years old. My mom married when she was 26, and DA POGI's mom married when she was 30. Most of my high school friends are unmarried. Only one college friend is married. My friends, who are married, and the same age as I am, were given an early blessing. E and T are both in their 30's. R will be 26 when she gets married. No one in my generation, or so I would think, gets married at this young an age. Most of the people I know, who are the same age as I am, were married because of pregnancy. Not that I'm complaining. Getting married early does have it's perks. Besides, I've had a full 6 years of getting to know the person I'm marrying. I'm just in a state of general wondering. :)

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/10/2003 05:36:00 PM

With all the little things that I do in my job, every Thursday is a dilemna(sp?) for me. See, Thursday is weekly day. Everyone sends a list of all the tasks that they accomplished for the week to their managers. I have a manager who I directly report to here in the Philippines and 2 other managers who I matrix report to. Every week, I spend about an hour of my time thinking about the stuff that would be worth writing in that email. Of course each of my manager would expect something that is worth reading for them. I don't know if I cover it the way that they would want to. ---------------------- I was looking forward to getting myself a new phone. I ordered a 7650 from a friend, after a couple of days of contemplation. This afternoon she called to tell me that the shipment has been canceled and the phone would not be able to reach my hands. All that thinking over it for nothing. I could've just used the hours that I thought about it to come up with a decent weekly for this week. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. ---------------------- Wedding update: The OC in me has ruled again. I am now a proud owner of a comparison sheet of all the photography packages I have managed to get my hands on. Don't know if I'll still be needing it, since my heart is 80% leaning on getting our neighbor to do the pictures. He's not as brilliant as Fol Rana but he's promising. I'll think about it some more since the wedding is still 10 months away. Met with a florist last night. She's not registered with the BIR so she is not what I would call a business entity. Her prices are very much lower than the other florists since she does not pay VAT and all that for her business. I don't know what I should do. The C person in me wants to go to BIR and be a tattle tale, but the bride who has a limited budget in me says that this is an opportunity to get cheaper flowers. So I'm letting it pass. And she's still on the table as a candidate for florist. Also just a reminder to myself: I need to contact the caterer. Contact the caterer, Jen.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/10/2003 02:37:00 AM

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I was talking with Bespren yesterday and she was giving me the lowdown on some of the people in the hood. She came to the conclusion that she was being paranoid. I came to the conclusion that she is considered as a shock absorber of other people. Being the best of friends gave us the license to be brutally honest to each other. I am never scared to tell her how it really is. No silver lining whatsoever. Same goes for her. One thing I love about my relationship with her is I can just talk about anything without being judged. I've said before that I can count the number of friends that I have in my fingers. I may not have so many friends, but the friends I have, I trust with my life.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/08/2003 05:27:00 PM

Monday, July 07, 2003

If I had a million bucks I'd be very happy. I'm now settling for looking like a million bucks.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/07/2003 11:41:00 PM

I've read Harry Potter 5: Order of the Phoenix. Nope, not the book. Just a soft version of the book. Someone, who has time in his hands, scanned the whole book and created a word version of it. I was skeptical at first, but when I actualy compared it to BB's copy, I was convinced that someone has scanned it. Otherwise, I can't explain to myself why there are typos in it. ***Spoiler alert. Stop reading this entry now if you are still reading the book.*** I didn't like it that much. I didn't like the ending and the way that Sirius had to die. It's just baduy. If I were him, I wouldn't want to die that way. And the way that Nearly Headless Nick keep on saying that not all dead people will come back, had me thinking that Sirius will come back in the next book. I also didn't like that Dumbledore had this whole monolouge about Harry's relation to Voldemort. I grew bored reading it. And the way Mad Eye threatened the Dursley's at the end was just so blah! There were just some items that could've been edited out rather than making the book so long. One thing I liked, though, Dolores Umbridge. She's the ultimate contrabida. She'll make Bella Flores cry because of shame. ***End of spoiler***

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/07/2003 04:53:00 PM

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Too much information will confuse you. But you need information to choose the best candidate for your needs. Thus my never ending confusion with suppliers. All have their pros and cons and I am always stuck with pondering as to which I'll choose. So I came up with a solution. After making a couple of queries, I won't look at them for a while and just try to decide when anxiety has calmed down. The 6 month mark is still a long time away. (or so I would like to think...)

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/06/2003 10:07:00 PM

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Did you know that with the new blogger you can send your blog entries to other people? Just found out today while I was looking for ways as to how my May blogs can reappear. I don't think abracadabra will work...

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/03/2003 10:10:00 PM

Last night, after dinner, I was asking DA POGI if he was nervous when he proposed. moi: Hon, kinakabahan ka ba nung nagpropose ka sa akin? DP: Syempre naman. I was restless the whole day before I asked you. Pinagtatawanan nga ako ng mga officemates ko kasi parang daw hindi ako. moi: Bakit? Natatakot kang humindi ako? DP: Hindi no. Kinakabahan ako kasi baka everything won't fall into place. Pero alam kong ooo ka. moi: As in sure na sure ka? DP: Oo. Paano naman the month before panay tungkol sa wedding ang sinasabi mo. So alam ko na na ooo ka. I just hugged the mokong. He afterwards told me that he was so secure in my love that he did not need to worry that I would say no. O di ba?

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/03/2003 04:08:00 PM

I saw a picture of a bridesmaid gown with pink chiffon over orange satin. It looked real good. I think it will work well with a summer wedding. Got the idea from R who is planning to have a shade of green over indigo blue. Now, I have to find someone to put the concept into the real thing. :) Haven't had major breakthroughs in the wedding planning, aside from the church and the reception venue. Hope all goes well before I pass the 6 months mark.

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/03/2003 03:57:00 PM

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I know something's coming up. I've been craving for more and more caffeine as each day passes by. I've had 2 cans of coke light and lunch hour is just about ending. I've consumed 2 chocolate bars, which is not good since I am trying to lose the last 5 lbs. I want another chocolate bar...

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/02/2003 09:16:00 PM

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I'm meeting the photographer this weekend. Saw some of his shots in a website and tried to contact him. We haven't met yet but he has already agreed to pencil book me on the day of my wedding. He's also bringing a cd of a wedding he covered. Not just chosen shots but the whole cd. I'm excited for K and DA POGI to meet him. R will also be tagging along. She's also in the lookout for photographers. Now, if only I can get fully convinced about the caterer... :)

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/01/2003 11:20:00 PM

I have a meeting at 6:30AM today which probably won't push through. Having problems with my account. I've asked IT to look into it but noone had time for it yesterday. I've called up my US counterpart to give him notice about my problem. The meeting will be useless without my accounts fixed. What a way to start the day! On the up side, I've already read my 50+ emails for the day. People just don't use the telephone anymore! :)

DA GANDA blogged @ 7/01/2003 03:30:00 PM

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