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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Blogger now has AudioBlogger. What will they think of next? ------------------- Was out sick yesterday. Had a terrible, terrible sore throat. But this made me smile: A: Ate, hindi talaga kayo bagay ni Kuya. Kasi pag maysakit ka, wala syang sakit, pag sya naman ang maysakit, wala kang sakit. Hindi sabay ang pagkakasakit niyo. DA POGI: Tama nga yun e. Para kung sino man ang magaling, aalagaan ang maysakit. Di ba, baby? me: *blushes* O di ba? Ang sweet ng Honey ko. :)

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/27/2003 06:13:00 PM

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

It may not be as bad as it seems. They're striking off my booboo as a problem with training. Yes. I am incompetent. :D Anyways, the morning progressed so slowly and so uneventful (aside from the booboo). Meetings here and there but otherwise it was monotonic. I stayed home whole day yesterday. I was supposed to go out with my high school friends. Unfortunately for me, these things happen. One, I was supposed to submit the rev0 of my presentation yesterday. Two, I was not feeling well. Three, my presentation for tomorrows class is not yet done. It's still actually not yet done but at least I still have this afternoon to finish it. My hotel booking was finalized. I'm staying in the same hotel as all of them. I'm now officially psyched about the Malaysia trip.

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Oh Boy! I'm in a sort of a mess here at work. Not gonna look good.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/25/2003 03:34:00 PM

Sunday, February 23, 2003

As usual, the weekend was great. :D Went out with the girls last Friday. Ate at Teriyaki Boy talking about anything under the sun. Followed up by dessert at Cheesecake etc. Then met up with DA POGI. We were supposed to watch DareDevil kaya lang tinamad kami pareho. We wanted to wake up early the following day and go to the Nike Sale at Rufino. Unfortunately for us, there was no Nike Sale anymore. But we were not the only ones who thought that the sale was still ongoing. Lots of people signed up earlier than us. When we got upstairs we knew it was over. Clothes and shoes are now properly lined up. We were a little disappointed, but I was a little relieved. At least I wouldn't have to shell out money just so I could save money from the sale. So, DA POGI and I decided to head off to Greenhills. We asked around for a camera headset for his phone. Also asked around for writeable CDs. Grabe yung CDR King sa Greenhills! Ang tyaga ng pipila dun. As in ang daming tao. Then he took me bowling. I won 2 out of 3 games. My hand was tired by the third game. DA POGI was not playing his best. I could see the frustration in his face whenever he couldn't get a spare or a strike. I agreed to a rematch. :) I went home after the bowling match. I think DA POGI went to Cartimar with his brother. I wanted to sleep since we were gonna watch a screening of DareDevil that night. I have a tendency to be cranky if I didn't have enough sleep. That night, DA POGI bought his camera headset at Glorietta. It was Php200 more expensive than the cheapest one in Greenhills but it had 6 months warranty, which is good enough. It proved pretty entertaining while we lounged around in Starbucks. There was a JS Prom in Shangri-La and we had fun watching the teeners all dressed up ordering coffee. Mommy's and Daddy's were around waiting for the kids. Sunday, was for homework. Also managed to finish season 2 of SATC. The DVDs had been gathering dust. I am now on season 3 second disk.

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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Kinakabahan ako bigla. I have this trip to Malaysia to attend some training. Most of the people in that training already know each other. In fact they are staying in just one hotel. The host for the training sent out a note that they should all stay at that specific hotel and everybody was included in that email. Excluding me! Katakot. I'll probably stick out like a sore thumb. Hay! And added to that, I am the only one with a different job description. I am sure that I am the one who will ask most of the questions since they should know more than I do. Added to that, I am probably the youngest in the group. During a recent phone conference, most of them have been at this company for more than 5 years. I should probably not worry. Kaya lang, its my first time to Malaysia. Most of them will be arriving there a week ahead of me. I'm skipping the programming module. I just hope that it will not be as bad as I think. I'm crossing my fingers.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/20/2003 09:21:00 PM

Nakalusot. There was a seminar for grad students last night. No classes! :D

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/20/2003 04:28:00 PM

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Kinakabahan ako sa report mamaya. Sana mahaba yung report nung ibang tao, di na ako umabot. Siomai.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/19/2003 10:05:00 PM

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Agnes commented yesterday: Ang payat mo na jen. Pero yung pisngi mo, matambok pa din. I must be related to Judy Ann Santos in some way. Agnes is not the only one who said that. Something changed in me. It just seems that I'm lighter. Maybe its because of the exercise I get or maybe because I am indeed losing weight. It doesn't hurt that I have a nice haircut. :D Eto na naman ako. Feeling ko ang ganda ganda ko.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/18/2003 04:44:00 PM

Monday, February 17, 2003

Slept pretty late last night, thus waking up real late also. I slept at 12MN, was awake by 3AM, fell asleep again at 4AM and woke up at 6AM. If it wasn't for the caffeine I would've fallen over from sleepiness. I need to focus on school stuff. Like the assignment for Monday, my pending report on Thursday and my project for completion. I can't seem to get a head start because of stuff like work. Been very busy lately. Leaving early for class is taking it's toll. Wishing I could stay longer and close some of the issues at work. The pending move to Cavite is taking up much of my time. Inventories of stuff that needs to be moved have been forwarded. Can't think straight. I'm getting sleepy.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/17/2003 10:25:00 PM

Sunday, February 16, 2003

So, Jaemark did meet Jules last valentine's day. Can I just say coolness? :D

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/16/2003 10:40:00 PM

DA POGI and I eventually went out on Valentine's Day. We planned not to, just to avoid the traffic, but at the last minute, we decided to catch the last screening of Hero. I got a dozen, minus one, long-stemmed roses from him. My officemates were in awe. Just the day before, Eme's fiance sent her a dozen tulips. Since it was valentine's the flower shop had trouble closing all their orders, and one rose was missing from my basket. Buti na lang hindi halata na kulang ng isa. Well, unless you actually count the flowers. For the annual team event, officemates and I went bowling. I'm getting better at it. Not as good as my parents but still better than some. I actually gave the veterans a run for their money. Scored a 116 in one game. I know it's not yet up to pro standards but still. Finally got to wear my black V-neck blouse when we watched Hero. Akala ni DA POGI hindi ko sya nakikitang sumusulyap sa akin while he was driving. Nagulat ata nung nalaman na babae din ang gf niya. :D Tere finally went in, after a much needed vacation. I got the discman that I requested. Sixty dollars lang niya binigay. The player is Car Ready. So, I'm all set when I buy a car. That is a "when". My entry sounds so choppy. Anyways, will post some more if I have the time. Very busy day ahead.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/16/2003 05:44:00 PM

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Yesterday I wrote about something about not wanting to blog the unhappy things in my life and this is what PE had to say: ang general na tanong ko eh... "why blog"? it can't be that one just wants to keep a journal. kung yun lang, pwede namang gawin sa diary or even a private journal sa pc. is it vanity, to prove to yourself na magaling kang magsulat? is it to show the netizens na magaling kang mag-english? or to flaunt that you have a more interesting life than others? or is it the noble reason that others may learn from your own experiences? so why o why? Kuya PE, don't worry. I seem to ask the same questions myself. I think I was severely misinterpreted in my last post. I don't know if I am scared or anything to be judged because of the things I write, but Mitch is right. It's my blog and I can write anything on it. As I have said, I don't want to remember sad things that happen to me. That's all. And it is easier to forget if there is no documentation whatsoever of the events. Even if it's a private journal, I don't think I have the strength to write anything about depression. My life may not be interesting to others, but I'm doing ok, I'm enjoying it. I may not be living it the way I want to, but the lessons learned along the way is enough to keep me amused for most of my days. I'm not proving that I have a grasp on the English language, I know how may grammatical boo boos I've already written for all to see. And I am certainly not noble enought to think that people would learn from me. So why blog? The reason may be too superficial, I wanted to join the bandwagon. Most of the people I know had blogs. And I thought it would be cool to have one. It would be ultra cool if your blog has numerous hits in a day. It would be doubly cool if someone actually quotes your blog entries. I just never knew that it will catch up on me and I would see it as a part of my daily routine. I never saw it as something that would help vent out the extra energy my hyper activeness spews out. I never thought it would be this enjoyable.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/13/2003 04:11:00 PM

"You are depriving some village of an idiot." Had me laughing for a while. Insulting but stylishly so. :D

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/13/2003 12:20:00 AM

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Somehow, I can't seem to envision myself writing about something that makes me sad. I write about those that make me happy and those that make me mad. But when sadness hits, I just can't write anymore. I don't know if its because I am conscious that there are people who visit my blog other than myself, or if its simply because, even in real life, I have a tendency to not show my sadness to people. Not even those close to me. I'd rather be sunget Jen or kulet Jen rather than Jen Lungkot. Such is the case for the past few days. I was running out of things to talk about and there was this thing bothering me, but I simply did not have the guts to write anything about it. It's just not something that I want to remember. I know that if I write about it, I'll be able to go back to it. It might just happen that reading about it would make me sad. And I don't want that. As much as possible, I want my memories to all be happy ones. No matter how hypocritical that might be, I just don't want something so negative to be written, on paper or anywhere else.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I created a site for my HS batch. Will post the link as soon as some content is already on it. :D shucks! 10 years na pala mula nung grumaduate ako.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/11/2003 11:17:00 PM

UnicaHija revived her top ten site. Read through it and remembered that I had something to blog about dewberry, the cookies, not the incense. I just wanna thank Universal Robina for thinking of this cookie. Grabe! heavenly. I like strawberry better than raspberry. I like the way that it's not too sweet unless you bite through the jam. And the way the jam sometimes stick in your palate. Enjoy sya kainin. And for less than Php2 per pack, enjoy din sya sa bulsa. -------------------- Anyways, I lost my Stephen Speaks CD that I copied from BB. Sayang. :(

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/11/2003 10:03:00 PM

Wala akong date sa valentine's day. DA POGI has a meeting that will run till at least 6PM. With the traffic and all, I don't think there'll be time to squeeze something in. Last time DA POGI and I actually did something together on valentine's day was when we watched Titanic with his friend and my sister. He never forgets to get me flowers, but we seem to never have time to celebrate valentine's. It's very hard to get me all tingly about love nowadays. Usually, a bar of crunch would make me all giddy, but it just doesn't do it anymore. Maybe I'm getting old.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/11/2003 09:44:00 PM

Ano ang mayor sa tagalog? punongbayan o punong-lungsod?

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/11/2003 05:46:00 PM

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Watched Two Weeks Notice Saturday with DA POGI. He managed to get me out of the house rather than our usual Saturday DVD dates. Took mommy and Tita M to lunch at Fridays. Met up with DA POGI after lunch for our "date". As usual, Hugh Grant is charming. If it wasn't for the Divine Brown incident, I would think that Hugh is just perfect. Ok, so I think he's great even with the incident. Managed to buy 2 blouses. One for the office and one for gimik day. As if I ever go out for gimiks. It's a black knitted V-neck blouse. The V is a bit lower than what I usually wear. Tita M convinced me to buy it. Wag daw akong masyadong manang. My other blouse is a cream 3/4 sleeved blouse for the office. Tita M told me to get my blood checked. Baka daw hypothyroid ako. It runs in the family. My Lola had it and now Tita M. I think my Tita N has it too. Pero bilib ako kay Tita M. May hypothyroid na nga pero ang sexy pa din. Idol ko talaga yun. Plus, she's laughing at Aiko Melendez because Aiko claims that she has hypothyroid, that's why she gained so much weight. E Tita M knows Aiko's Tita from Jimmy Melendez's side. They are on the plump side daw talaga. O well, at least flawless ang skin ni Aiko. Parang ang arte ko dito sa post na to.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/09/2003 10:05:00 PM

Went to the homecoming last Friday. Guess what?! I am not underdressed. Most of the people the came came in jeans and slacks. Didn't see even one person wearing a dress. =) We arrived early. We were at the new building before 6PM. The invites said that it would start at 6PM, but of course we knew that would not happen. We were greeted by Ate Babes, the guard from the old building. She still knew us by names, which made me happy. At least I left a mark even if it was the guard who knew me. :D ERG had a board full of images. Richard and I were laughing at some of the pics that were on that board. It was predominantly pictures of my classmates. Mitch's pictures were all over. Yes, Mitchiegurl, you were that popular. :D Though the building was new, it really felt like home. Especially when I went in the new DSP lab. Memories just keep rushing back in. I remembered the times when having eyebags due to overnighters were the in thing. The new building now has a built in shower room for students, plus showers with hot water for faculty members. Basta the building was great! :) -------------------- A memorable conversation. me: Hi sir! Long-time no see! Teacher: Kilala kita e. Naging estudyante kita dati. Ano nga ba ang pangalan mo. me: Sir, jen (insert surname here). Student niyo po ako sa 122 dati. Teacher. Ay oo! Ang taba mo ngayon. -------------------- A memorable statement. Emcee: Good Evening everyone! I'm R, I am a part of the faculty member... I ponder, which part?!

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/09/2003 03:36:00 PM

Thursday, February 06, 2003

There is such a thing as being underdressed and I am one of them. I'm currently wearing jeans to the homecoming later. Don't ask me why. I'm just stupid that way.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/06/2003 03:37:00 PM

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Read my last post. I have to admit, I sound like a nerd. :) Tomorrow is homecoming day. Don't know if I would go. It's pretty darn expensive. Save for the fact that bespren and Pauee are going, I don't really have that much drive to go back. I haven't set foot at that university eversince I graduated. Not even to file for graduation fee, since my sister did that for me. If the people here at work go, I'll probably end up going. I just hope that Php500 is enough. Payday's on Monday, and that's the only money I have right now.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/05/2003 04:33:00 PM

something you I can now the state gets to using mime fact, I used to be baoshan stop to write to this entry. Something new! I can now dictate text using my laptop. I used the dictation stuff to write this entry. heheh...

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/05/2003 12:48:00 AM

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Didn't play badminton today on account of my aching lower back. I'm guessing that the pain is from sitting too much yesterday. Bus seats are not ergonomic whichever way you sit on it. Watched the mini tournament instead. The guys are getting pretty good. Lots of smashes going on. They'll really make you earn a point. What's funny is that we've been playing for quite a while and we still have no "formal rules". We made up our own rules. We're doing this for fun so sue us. ;) Funny enough, during our "field trip" yesterday, the first question they asked is the location of the nearest badminton courts. We're really getting into this. We actually plan on joining the tournament in Cavite. We're practicing, so that when we go there we won't be a totalled by the pros. Tuesday is really a day to look forward to.

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/04/2003 02:00:00 AM

Monday, February 03, 2003

Went on a Cavite Education Tour yesterday. I'll be relocating my job to Cavite sometime the middle of this year. The trip was fun but tiring. I honestly think I can work there, problem is, I am not so sure if my body can take the 1.5 hours shuttle rides. As I told bespren, I can live in Cavite, as long as I have a TV and a DVD player. :D Anyways, got wind that my former officemate, R, is applying at besprens office. Her former employer closed down so she was left jobless right after her return from an off-shore assignment. To think I was so envious when she left our first job. At that time, there were rumors that her now-closed-employer offered her a salary double than ours. Talked to her last weekend and she was desperate to find a job that she was willing to go back to Mr D. I was so shocked that I reminded her of the hell we went through before we left Mr. D. R was the first to leave, and on her exit interview she came out crying because of all the bad things Mr D said to her. Mitch left next. Actually she didn't leave but was taken under the wing of her former client. They knew that she was leaving. I was the last to leave and you can just imagine the tears that waterfalled from my eyes when Mr D let out his litany. Anyways, I think she should just take the job in bespren's office. At least the benefits are better than her two previous jobs. Good thing she doesn't know my blog. :D

DA GANDA blogged @ 2/03/2003 05:06:00 PM

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