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Saturday, November 30, 2002

Ok. A little backgrounder... I went to megamall last night to buy the stuff I need for our project and less than 24 hours later, I am back because of the things that I bought. When I bought the ICs last night, I didn't even bother to look at the pin assignments and now I found out that the input that I wanted was in the incorrect active levels. For short, I bought the wrong ICs. So here I am blogging in Megamall because I needed to buy correct ICs and I needed to research on the pin assignments of the new ICs that I will buy. Don't want to make the same mistake twice. Once is enough, twice is a doofus. Oooh! by the way, I went to DEECO in cubao today. That place is an electronics enthusiasts heaven. I was unable to go without looking at all the things that I might want to buy for myself. Anyways, connection is really slow here. Download of one datasheet is taking up so long, thus the babbling.

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Thursday, November 28, 2002

This is turning out to be a bad week. The exam yesterday was a disaster. Wasn't able to answer all the items and I know that I am about to fail miserably. Ok, this is my last rant about the matter of the failed exams. I know that bespren is already complaining because of the earful of complaints about the exam that I gave out. Anyways, I just want to get it out of my system. I hate being bugged by something I can't do anything about. So that's it. Presentation yesterday was ok except that I was unable to answer any of their questions. I just blanked out. Didn't exert enough effort to search my brain for the answer. I don't know why. The beginnings of the feeling of incompetency is beginning to crawl on me. I am so looking forward to the weekends.

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/28/2002 04:05:00 PM

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

I shouldn't have taken the exam yesterday. I should've taken the day off and started studying for my exam tomorrow. My math teacher imposed a cancel the lowest policy. Meaning we get to take 3 exams and the exam with the lowest score will not be included in the grade computation. When I computed the average for my first 2 exams, it was high enough not to bother taking yesterday's exam. Since I was stupid and wanting to prove something, I still took the exam. I know I failed that exam and now I'm wishing that I just didn't take it. O well...

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/26/2002 05:51:00 PM

Tagboard disconnected due to connection issues.

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Monday, November 25, 2002

Was looking for a domain name earlier and found out that: - Someone already had rights to (mysurname).com - It'll cost $8.95 to reserve the domain name. - I could have 10 subdomains even with the cheapest webhosting facility ($25 a year) and unlimited number of emails. - Noone owns :D - features big busty ladies. - There are many resellers in the Philippines but limited web hosts. My arm is itchy from the insect bites!

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/25/2002 09:42:00 PM

Sunday, November 24, 2002

Ah bugger! When I am suffering from mild discomfort because of stomach ache and mild irritation because of insect bites, don't cross my path. You would, most likely, have your head bitten off. Don't ask me questions just to challenge my answer. If my answer does not matter to you, just don't ask what I think. It would severely piss me off if you waste my time by whining and when I give you a solution, you continue to whine. I believe that my job is to help you to make your job easier, not babysit you during your whining phase. If I cannot recreate your problem given the solution that I gave you, then it is not a problem. Don't make life difficult for both of us by continuing to complain rather than doing the suggested solution. Ok, ranting stops now. Well, unless you come up with another complaint for today. -------------------- And of course that felt good. :) Now I'm back to my usual masungit self. Well, I was more masungit earlier, so less masungit na. :p

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/24/2002 10:10:00 PM

Friday, November 22, 2002

What is it with the networks that they are translating to Tagalog movies and shows? I know that we should be proud of our language etc etc but I don't find it one bit amusing that they have shown Alias in Tagalog. I was so looking forward to watching this show because of the good things the people from the US said about it. Ecstatic, is the word to descibe me, when I saw Channel 2's initial commercial about it and disappointed when it was in Tagalog. I just didn't get it. Meanings are easily changed when translated, more so if translated literally. I'm not saying that Tagalog is an inferior language. All I am saying is that people understand English so why bother changing dialogues to Filipino? About 90% of Filipinos are capable of watching shows in English. I just don't get it. And please don't launch into the defense that they do it on the Mexican telenovelas. Watching them is entertainment enough because (1) the voice talent's voices are funny; and (2) they are using non-colloquial Filipino. There must be a logical reason for the translation from English to Filipino. I just need someone to point it out to me. Too bad Alias is not on cable so I am really unable to watch the show. Please, don't let them get a hold of CSI!

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/22/2002 01:35:00 AM

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Was laughing so hard last night with bespren and Pauee about the things that we did and the things that people do. It started out with us reminiscing about the chem fiasco that happened during our freshman year. So, we were on our second semester as freshmen in that university in Diliman when the chem fiasco happened. Being best friends that we are, we would often sit next to each other. Our chem teacher was worse than Miss Tapia. As in masungit talaga and always unsmiling. So one would guess that we were scared to get on her bad side. Anyways, this was what happened one class: Teacher: Is Maricel C here? Miss Maricel C? me: (nudging bespren) uy! Maricel C daw. bespren: (not really paying attention to the teacher, raises hand) Ma'am! Teacher: Maricel C? bespren: Ma'am, Maricel C(rest of bespren's surname here). Teacher: (smiling) No, I'm looking for Maricel C, Maricel S-Y. By the time this conversation was finished, everyone in class, including the teacher, was snickering. Up to this day, bespren swears that this was the most memorable thing I've ever done to her. I think from then on, she realized that not all things I say are exactly as they are. Might be funnier when bespren's the one telling the story. Worth loads of laughs.

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/21/2002 06:19:00 PM

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Happy Anniversary to me. Forgot that yesterday marked the second year since I started working for this company. It completely slipped my mind and I only remembered when Rye emailed to congratulate us. What a milestone! Car wanted to see the glass half full and is quite thankful that we still have jobs. Others are not so. Cost cuttings started the month that we started to work here. We are victims of cutting down on company gifts, travels and, well, depleting stock values. Rye and company came from Cebu, leaving behind loved ones just so they could try their luck working here. So the perks taken away from them was some kind of a big deal. Anyways, I do hope business picks up. Anytime soon would be a good time.

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/20/2002 06:22:00 PM

Went around the blogging world and noticed that most of the people have already watched Harry Potter. Most reviews centered around how great the movie is compared to the first one. Well I agree. There were also some people who were saying that it's a shame the Richard Harris died, wondering who will play Professor Dumbledore. Had the same sentiments. And then some who said that they better hurry up with the next movie before the Daniel Radcliffe and company get too old for their characters. I agree, even noticed a change in Harry's voice. Now, what I really want to know is why no one blogged about him:

It's a shame he'll grow old to be a wicked wizard.

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/20/2002 01:26:00 AM

As you might notice, I have changed the template of my blog. It just so happened that I had some free time. Well, not really free but I didn't want to face the pending tasks at hand, so I edited the look of my blog. Getting tagboard and the archives links up were relatively easy. And so is getting the links to other blogs. What really had me irked was getting blogOut to change its motif to complement my new color scheme. It took me a while to figure out what fgdark and fglite is. After an hour, I finally figure it out. I know, I know, how shameful that I had a hard time figuring that out. What can I say, that part of the code is not moron-proofed. Anyways, It's nicer to read my blogs now. Not dark and brooding. Why did I choose pink? Actually it was a toss up between pink and green. Just so happened that I watched Legally Blonde last night and, what do you know, Elle Woods influenced me. I guess that's it for now. Tell me what you think of my new template!

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/20/2002 12:45:00 AM

Monday, November 18, 2002

Close your eyes, breathe in and breathe out. I see another blah afternoon ahead. I was glad that a few of my projects are already closed, but at the same time a little sad. I need to close other pending issues but I can't seem to find the right mind set for it. For that matter, I didn't seem to have the correct mind set for everything. Well, except for school. I'm still excited to go to school. Gotta tidy up for my next meeting.

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/18/2002 08:53:00 PM

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Today was another blah day. The whole day passed, I was so busy, but now when I think about it, I could barely remember the multitude of what I did. Am I confused or what?

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/17/2002 08:30:00 PM

I had some quality time with my credit card yesterday. I initially planned on getting just a body scrub but ended up getting a scrub and a massage. Doubled up on the initial spending allocated for the spa visit. Was majorly lacking sleep from watching the midnight screening of Harry Potter, so the massage was very relaxing. I know that I didn't snore but my mouth was definitely open during my 30 minute nap after the massage. I'm getting the hang of this every other month spa visits. Went to the mall after the massage. Spent for 2 striped tees from Kashieca. The rationale for the two shirts is that the second one was at 30% off. Not wanting to let this get away, I forced myself to buy the second shirt. Someone should definitely get my credit card from me until the next payday. I'm still eyeing those Rockport shoes that I like. Definitely a Christmas purchase. :) Ok, I'm off to slave again... :p -------------------- P.S. Added links to blogs I visit. Wanted to add them for the longest time but just got around to adding them. Natakbuhan ko na rin si katam...

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/17/2002 03:57:00 PM

Friday, November 15, 2002

Isa pang kainis. I'm tired already. Rushed several requests from the people in the US. Kasi naman, when they say jump, I say how high. Hay.

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/15/2002 02:59:00 AM

Kainis! The IT guys here are so incompetent sometimes. They're making a mockery of this place. Agnes's laptop went kaput today. Had someone from IT pick it up for servicing. When he returned, he has accidentally locked the disk with a supervisory password. He denies that he put it in. Whatever. Since noone knows the new supervisory password, noone can unlock the disk not even the manufacturers. Wawa naman si Agnes, all her work was in that hard disk. No back-ups (her fault). The worst part of it was, the guy wasn't a single bit remorseful of what happened. If I was in a truly maldita mood, binuyo ko na sana si Agnes to have the guy terminated. Since I'm nice today, I recommended that she give the guy's sup a love letter. O well....

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/15/2002 12:01:00 AM

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

I have confirmed that almost everyone thinks I am a maldita. Presented in one of the team meetings for our department. People thought that I was too aloof. That if they ask me a question, I might bite their head off. Which is not actually true. I've always believed that my bark is worse than my bite. For goodness sakes! I can't even stay mad at somebody for longer than a day. I do say some bad things about people, but I also do admit if I was wrong in my observation. I've always prided myself in saying what I mean and trying very hard to mean what I say. I know that if I am in one of my ranting moods, I can be overly madada. But an hour of ranting would mean that I would be able to ease up on whatever it is that is bothering me. I know that I can be sensitive, maybe sometimes overly so, but people who don't know me well don't know that. I just want people to change what their perception of me is when they get to know me, but sometimes the initial perception is so overpowering that they fail to acknowledge what I really am. O well, maybe I should just come to terms that I am a definite scrooge. A Scrooge for all seasons, not just for christmas.

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/13/2002 06:29:00 PM

Monday, November 11, 2002

80% of the people I see tell me that I've lost weight. I weighed myself but it seems that it was the same. Maybe its because my face is maturing that the contours are all there. Or people have gone to accept that at the speed I was gaining weight I was bound to hit "overweightness" soon, that this plateau in my weight means that I might be losing it. Don't get me wrong. I don't need to lose weight. As of this writing, I am 5'6'' tall and I weigh 130 lbs, give or take a few pounds. If I reference the charts, I'm right smack in the end of what is considered as the normal weight for my height. I'm not bothered. I've been so thin before that I probably looked sick. When I was in college, there was a time wherein I weighed 100lbs. Pretty skinny. So when the weight set in I was quite happy to welcome them.

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/11/2002 10:19:00 PM

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Was masungit the whole weekend. I attribute it to 3 things. One, I was tired from my Cavite field trip Thursday and Friday. Two, had a monstrous PMS. Three, Things just didn't go my way. Had the mistake of going out Friday night, when I was completely lacking sleep. Only had 2 hours worth of sleep Thursday night. I was awake by 3:30AM to catch the shuttle. Had an hours worth of sleep on the bus. I was looking forward to another nap on the way back to Manila but rather than waiting for the 4PM bus, I got a ride with V and A. Kahiya naman kay V if I slept while he drives. Anyways, I was floating by 6PM. I shouldn't have gone to dinner with DA POGI and his friends. Should've went home and caught sleep. Should've, would've, could've. Whatever. DA POGI got the whole kasungitan experience. Good thing about him is that he knows I'm extra cranky because of the tiredness. Pag sungit ko, ngingiti na lang. Buti na lang sinakyan ako, kundi gyera patani kami. Hay! Another Monday. I'm getting tired covering Johnny B's ass. He left too many things wide open. Everythings pouring in and I'm just finding out when things overflow.

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/10/2002 06:29:00 PM

Thursday, November 07, 2002

I saw a rainbow today. The colors were so vibrant, I just had to take a mental picture. It has been a while since I actually saw a rainbow in the sky. Heck, I can't remember the last time I did. Most of the time, I see the colors reflected on rain puddles, but what I saw this afternoon was the real deal. It rose over the buildings of Makati. I stared at it for a while until I needed to crane my neck just to see it. I nudged my shuttle seatmate to tell her about the rainbow. I was so fascinated by it that I talked to a stranger just to point out the rainbow. It was a good way to end the day.

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/07/2002 01:55:00 AM

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

I've been very boring lately. I have no time to contemplate on the things that's been happening in my life. In short, I've been losing time for stuff that's supposed to make me an interesting person. Everything is just moving faster than I would like them to be. I must admit that I dearly miss my old boss. With him around, I could slack off once in a while just to enjoy my job. It's not that my job sucks or anything, it's just that I had more time to contemplate on the quality of the things I do rather than how fast I could close the issues. Also, with school around, I have to maximize my time at work because free time is now used to cover for school. Unlike before when I could easily extend to my heart's content, now when the 4PM bell rings, I'm a goner. Since it is 4, I'm going now....

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/05/2002 12:02:00 AM

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Feel so girl today. I'm wearing DA POGI's gift for me. A sleeveless turtleneck knit shirt. It generated some comments from my sister. DA POGI daw knows how to pick women's clothing. He has good taste daw. Sabi ko syempre naman, ako ang girlfriend e. Naks naman. :) A 4-day weekend is just too short. On the first 2 days, I wound up vegetated in bed to catch up on my sleeping. I went home super early last Wednesday and hit the sack at around 6PM just to wake up at 8AM the following day. Slept again sometime in the afternoon only to realize most of my day has already gone. Buti na lang I have a stash of DVDs to watch that weekend. Yun lang ang ginawa ko ng Thursday and Friday, sleep and watch DVDs. By Saturday, I hit the books for my exam tomorrow. Aba! Bigla ba naman nagmarathon ang Survivor sa AXN. Of course, I watched. Did some multi tasking. Watched Survivor reruns and answered problem sets. And suddenly when I was just in the swing of things, here come Monday again. Time to get back to work....

DA GANDA blogged @ 11/03/2002 05:54:00 PM

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