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Monday, September 30, 2002

My hair must be getting real long. The cashier of the canteen upstairs said, "ang haba na pala ng buhok mo, bagay sa yo". All I can say is "Salamat po." See, I've been working here for almost 2 years and she's the first one who commented about how nice my hair looked on me. I've been trying to grow my hair since last year. Most comments tell me that I should just cut it and be back to my boy hair. So it's nice to know that someone thinks my hair fits me. -------------------- Peps just bid farewell to blogging.

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Sunday, September 29, 2002

I'm in love. -------------------- I think I need to explain more. Bunny left a congratulatory note. Mak's asking if I was getting married. No mak. Not yet. I just had a most wonderful weekend. Don't know how to call it but let's just say that my love for DA POGI has just grown leaps and bounds. I didn't know that he could be as sweet or as romantic as he was this weekend. Been in the kilig mode since Saturday. Can't wipe off this smile. Nothing else to call it but love, right? :)

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Friday, September 27, 2002

I worked on only one thing for the whole day. Just one. Worked with BB just to get the issue resolved. Freaking databases keeps acting up. Anyways, it's solved. Just need approval from the powers that be to release the solution. Time passed by so fast. It's almost 4:30. I wanted to leave at exactly 4 to have some time to wander around the mall before the crowds kick in. My birthday would be in 2 weeks time and I need to find a suitable gift. My financial status nowadays is not making the job any easier. Hay! Getting another year older is looming in my horizon.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

So this is what a pingpong ball feels like. I've been trying to close a request for 3 days now. The whole Johnny B leaving thing has caused havoc to our requests. First, the vendor contacts me and asks what is the status of the payment. I contact the purchaser and he asks me to contact the controller. I contact the controller and asks him what's keeping the payment and he says that I should go back to purchasing. Purchasing then asks me to change ownership of the request from Johnny B's to my name. I contact e-Biz and after sending email back and forth finally decides that I should go back to purchasing to regenerate a PO. I still await purchasing's reply to my email. I have a feeling that he'll point me to somebody new. -------------------- My brain is three quarters of fried for this week. A colleague in the US asked me how I was coping up with the situation. I said I was ok. She said to call her if I had a problem. Johnny B leaving was such a shock. I told her we're doing ok considering. She said, "You're just a kid!". Hmmm... I don't know how to take that answer... -------------------- I'm as conventional and predictable as one could get. I'm trying to recall something that I did that was unpredictable. I couldn't come up with any. I couldn't even come up with a list of the things that I do extraordinarily well. One might call me, extraordinarily ordinary. I don't have any musical talents. Am not athletic. I'm not a creative type. I'm just plain predictable. I've never done anything that would elicit a "Wow! You did that?!". Only consolation I get is that noone has yet to say that I am boring.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Another one of my projects was dropped. I had two projects for this quarter and both were dropped. I've hit an all time low because now, all scripts I create will be passed through a peer review before being released. In other words, I messed up. I didn't know that this would cause me so much pain. It's just work. But it did. I am trying so hard to fill very large shoes. This comes as a blow to me knowing that I did not do well. I wanted so much to prove that I can do the things that they expect me to do. Heck! I'm trying to juggle as many things as I can. But when you juggle too much, sometimes it just crashes. And disappointment sets in. It just caught me. -------------------- Hay naku! I was sad for nothing. They just called back. They want me to present the project so that they could reassess it. hmmmm....

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Monday, September 23, 2002

In this day and age, does age really matter? On the jeepney ride to the office, I thought of this. I was thinking about what Yaya's sis told me about her classmate. She has a classmate who is 19 years old and going out with a guy who is 32. Not much of a problem there since she's over 18 and at that age a 13 year difference doesn't really matter. But then, Yaya's sis went on and told us that they have been going out for 5 years. Goodness! At that time, she was 14 and he was 27. Am I being too prejudiced when I say that he's a freaking cradle snatcher? Couldn't he date someone older? And then I thought about my former boss and his, then, girlfriend. The age difference was 10 years. His, now, wife, is 10 years older than him. At first, when I didn't know their ages, it didn't matter. When I knew of their ages, it didn't matter either. I just had an awareness of their situation but it really didn't bother me. They started going out when my boss was 30 and his wife was 40. No big deal. So why does it bother me when a 19 year old goes out with a 33 year old? -------------------- Just got back from the Single website. Mica lost. I'm never watching this show again. Guess who won?

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Sunday, September 22, 2002

It's a Monday. I love Mondays. I have lots of things to talk about on Mondays. Get ready for a long entry. :D Ok, first things first. DA POGI and I now have 2 kids. That's right 2. I did not give birth to anything(?). But anyways, MUSH ALERT. We finally got to adopt two stuffed piglets from Timezone. We got a blue one, we named Anton, and a pink one, we named Tish. These are the most expensive beanie babies ever. Don't know how much we already spent just so we could gather enought tickets to claim them. My mom even hugged the pink one and said, "Ay! Ang apo ko.". Natawa na lang ako. I was able to finish 6/10 items in the problem set. That's bad. As in really bad. I had to call bespren up just to ask for a little help, but managed to come up with a reverse engineered solution. Backstreet Boy is now helping me out with solving some of the problems. Finally solved another 2 so that leaves me with 2 problems unsolved. This is for tomorrow. Had a blast with sis last Saturday for her birthday dinner. I wanted to leave earlier but I didn't want to take the MRT. So we waited till mommy arrived and borrowed the car. We ate at CPK and had fun talking about stuff. When it was finally time to pay, I paid with my credit card because there was a 10% discount. Had to ask for the tip from sis. The only bill I had in my wallet was a 500 peso bill. Alangan naman yun ang itip ko. Unfortunately, sis doesn't have change for anything less than 500 also. So we ended up giving coins for the tip. Blacklisted na ata ako sa CPK. When it was finally time to go home, I gave the parking card to sis and also smooched some coins from Mom's car to pay for the parking. I asked her to hold the car and coins for me, since I'll be driving. She was telling me a story about her officemates, animatedly I might add. When I stopped to pay, she lost the parking card! I had to back up so we could look for it. Just as we were backing up, she found it. I almost cried from laughing of embarassment. :D Watched Thirteen days. Nice movie. It was a true to life account of what happened in the blockade of Cuba. Showed some great leadership skills from the Kennedy brothers and Kenny O'Donell. No wonder they asked us to watch this. Had to buy an orginal copy. Bong had already gotten hold of the DVD pirates in Goldcrest. Not a pirated DVD in sight! That's all for now! :D

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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Things to do this weekend. 1. Watch Thirteen days for leadership class. 2. Finish problem sets. 3. Finish web article. 4. Take sis to the mall for birthday dinner. 5. Lunch for daddy's bday. -------------------- Attended a department merienda yesterday. This was for all the birthday celebrators of September, farewell to the interns and welcome to the new interns. Pizza was overflowing for a change. With the predominance of men in the department, once food is placed on the table, give it 10 seconds and its all gone. Our admin must've learned her lesson and asked us for a bigger amount of money to cover a larger amount of food. It was fun as most of the department get togethers go. I learned yesterday that Starbucks accepts credit card payments for purchases less than 100. It was kind of a surprise to me. SM won't accept credit card payments for anything less than 150. Same thing goes to Rustan's and Mercury drug. So this is a new thing to me. But I definitely agree that one should be able to use his/her credit card in the same way that cash is used. Yearly membership fees are quite expensive so we should be able to use our cards as often as we want, di ba? It's been a while since I watched a movie. I can't remember what movie I last saw. Gotta change that! Problem is when?

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I'm slowly trying to recover from my tardiness sickness. I've been late for work for 5 times in the last 10 days. Mostly I'm 10-30 minutes late. I'm never late for meetings. I get to work on time for early morning meetings. So its a big wonder why I'm late when there are no meetings for that morning. Also, there are some forces of nature that I really cannot control. So this is my plan. I wake up earlier than usual. When the alarm sounds I really have to get up. No more 5 minutes for me. I now wake up at exactly 5 AM. I've done it for 2 mornings and that is 2 mornings early for work. What makes this hard is that school ends at around 9PM the previous night. So this is really a killer. But I think I can keep this up. Just don't know for how long. On a good note, I feel much better for the past 2 days. I don't feel sluggish plus I am happy that I am not late for work. --> found the Singles Website. Take a look at my bet Mica. -------------------- Just read DA's entry about settling for someone you don't really love but is acceptable enough for you. Found this in the bunch of forwarded mails. Kinda long but nice to read. Remember: Never settle for anything less than butterflies. Anything Less Than Mad Love Is A Waste Of Your Time by Leah S. Casta One of the most recently released movies that have perhaps hit home (cringe!), so to speak, is the low-budget "Dream for an Insomniac" starring Ione Skye and Jennifer Aniston. The lead actor used to be a child star but unfortunately, the movies which catapulted him to fame have already slipped my mind. Try to rent a copy of this movie not because of the talent of those who starred in it but because of the dialogue. One of those lines which bore a hole in my heart was, and I quote (not verbatim, though): "I don't want to be sixty years old and married to my second-best choice, wondering what ever happened to the one who got away." This is just one of the two great lines in that movie. I'll tell you what the other one is later. Meantime, let me concentrate on this line-the line that sends chills down your spine once you decide to spend more than five seconds thinking about it. Have you ever wondered what it must feel like married to the one you settled on? This truly gives me great feelings of anxiety. It might be difficult to accept the word "settle" because it conjures up images of quasi- happiness and half-hearted glee. Yes, there is some sort of satisfaction and perhaps, some feeling of security that can be derived from such a partnership but I wonder, could there be anything more? To settle is to ultimately accept what is within reach, what is available, what is there. To settle is to convince one's self that the decision about to be made is inevitable, realistic, and safe. To settle is to risk not ever being truly happy because one decides to adopt the worst type of bahala na attitude on life's greatest challenges. And settling is a sorry consequence of the passage of time. Yes, time can be the balm that soothes open, painful wounds in one's heart but it can also be that dark force that manipulates one's mind into thinking and believing that the choice one has made is the best choice... the only choice. What time does, and I'm sure you'll agree, is it lodges one's mind and heart in a cage with the door partly open-with the promise of a better life losing its appeal over the reality of the present, the convenient, and the routine. Time also pressures one into selecting a suitor or spouse because 'wala nang iba' (there is no one else) and 'nagmamadali na ako' (I'm in a hurry) and there, 'puwede na rin.' (I'll make do). The wickedness of "settling" is not one way. It also eventually hurts the one who was chosen because in all respects, the truth will surface. You no doubt realize that you just wasted each other's time and emotions. But then again, if your spouse chose you not because he or she "settled," then forget about the win-win situation you were gunning for. Frankie (Ione Skye) delivered that line when she was deciding whether or not to do everything possible to win David Shrader's heart. David happened to be involved with someone else. He was attracted to Frankie but didn't really think it wise to split up with his girlfriend of three years on a limb. Very much unlike you and me, Frankie is very atypical of the Rules Girl. She went for David, bared her soul, and tried to convince him that he will only be happy with her. She then gave him the other great line in the movie to make him leave his girlfriend for her. "Anything less than mad, passionate love is a waste of my time." In the end, David left his girlfriend for Frankie and they lived happily ever after. Wow. Many times, in my not too colorful past, I almost gave in to the urge to tell the boy I liked what I felt for him. In all those times, I opted otherwise for fear of my mother's wrath and, of course, embarrassment in case of rejection. I am scared of losing my precious dignity and pride in case he tells me that he only sees me as a friend. I'm sure you got through these exercises in your psyche too. Sometimes, our hearts win out over our brains when our certainty over the outcome is great. I try to espouse The Rules and very rarely make the first move. More often than not, I wait for the guy to call. Now you know that I'm one of those who walk the avenues of life on a sidewalk-never off it. Now, I'm starting to believe otherwise. I see the beauty in sharing your feelings with the one you love - not because you expect something in return but because life cannot be lived otherwise. It is a great, big step for an otherwise conservative, 'torpe' girl like you and me but if you think about it, it's the only way to go. Richard Paul Evans' bestseller after The Christmas Box-The Locket- tells us the story of a woman who fell in love with a soldier when they were both very young. They shared their feelings with each other and were very happy. Eventually, he went off to war and she married somebody else, thinking he wouldn't return to her. Years passed and they lived their separate lives-he married and had a family while the woman's husband and son eventually succumbed to illnesses and died. She decided to wait for her soldier's wife to die before she came back to him-because she didn't think it was right to complicate his life. The wait took more than sixty years until she eventually found the announcement of his wife's death in the obituary. By this time, the woman was already 80 and could barely walk. Sadly, by the time she managed to find her soldier to tell him she loved him, he was already senile. The woman eventually died a few days after seeing her soldier and perhaps going through the most heart-wrenching experience in her life. She was too late. The morals of the stories I have mentioned above are similar and almost connected to each other. Perhaps another book theme that we can tie into these is that line from The Bridges of Madison County - "This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime." I am of the belief that each person is given the chance to find his one true love as he goes about his life. Sometimes, the opportunity is not too obvious, especially for those who are content with their situation and therefore are not seeking "greener pastures." These times, the chance is often passed up. The luckier ones are those who are probably more clear-minded and in touch with their emotions because they can easily recognize what is staring them in the face. Whether this chance is passed up or not, I know that the feeling one gets when this chance is still within reach is one of certainty. Yes, it is also accompanied with feelings of danger, of risk, and of possible pain but compensating for this is that inexplicable "sureness," that sense of profound happiness that has never been derived anywhere else but from that one person who just happened to pass by in your tidy little life. I call true love a gift because of its rarity. It does not happen everyday. If you pass it up the first time, try not to be too arrogant to look away when it comes by the second time. You may ask me "how will I know if this is my true love?" My answer to that is this: true love is that strong, awesome feeling that scares the hell out of you but always makes you unbearably happy. It doesn't go away, no matter how much you will it to. More than anything else, you'll know in your heart when you meet him that he is the one. He doesn't become the one the same way that soulmates do not become soulmates later in life. With him, you are damn certain that you are not settling. With him, you know that you will be sixty years old and never wondering about the one that got away because he never did. He's right there holding your hand.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I can be very bad. Bespren, Pau, anak and I were talking after class in Starbucks about a former classmate who was a little computer illiterate. Simple lang daw kasi sya. When asked to comment about the matter, I told Pau: Hello! Iba naman ang simple sa simpleton. Very bad.

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Monday, September 16, 2002

Bought myself a new school bag. When I went to school last week, I had a problem with carrying too much while on the LRT. I never forget to bring an umbrella, so that was in my hand, a jacket, which I had to put on even though it was warm just so I wouldn't have to hold it, and my small bag, which contained my notebook, my wallet and some stuff. It's just not practical when commuting to have too much in my hands, so I bought a new backpack. The pack I bought was light blue with cream trimmings. It was so pagirly. Anyways, DA POGI helped me pick it out from all the choices at SM. I thought about buying a Jansport pack but budget simply cannot allow it. I paid tuition enough to feed a family of 6 for a month. So I settled for having a bag endorsed by Kristine Hermosa. I wanted John Pratts face sana, kaso lang wala talagang style na maganda. Napunta tuloy ako kay Kristine Hermosa. My brand conscious boyfriend wanted me to remove the name. It's ok lang naman. Hindi naman ganon kahalata. Plus I got it for less than a quarter of the amount for a Jansport bag. Down side is, because of the color, madaling madumihan. On the commute this morning, I must've brushed it against something rust colored. May dumi na dun sa zipper. Anyways, it's small enough to be unnoticeable but the OC OC in me knows that there is a stain there. Also, I was able to use my FM radio that Johnny B won in a raffle. It has been with me more several weeks now and I only used it now. I always forget to get batteries for it kasi. Our kind admin gave me batteries so now I am happily listening to FM. :D ------------------------------ Happy birthday to my sis! Happy 25th anniversary to the dude and chick who conspired to have me in this world. Congratulations Mommy and Daddy! :D

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Sunday, September 15, 2002

Had a very rejuvenating weekend. Johnny B treated us to dinner last Friday at our soon to be favorite hang out, Country Waffles. As usual, it helped that I had two guys with me to finish off my food. I don't know what happened but I simply cannot consume the same amount of food that I did before I gained weight. Maybe I'm getting self conscious with the weight or maybe I just got tired of eating too much. Went home early last Friday and managed to catch some parts of Pangako Sa Yo. Akala ko pa naman tapos na. Meron pa pala this week. Pero katawa ang mukha ni Kristine Hermosa nung last scene. Parang na-c-cr na ewan. :D Woke up very early on Saturday. I had the car for the day and I picked up Emelyn for a day of relaxation. We went to gym to catch the Step Up class. My legs hurt from the lack of exercise. Plus I proved to myself that I have really poor coordination. I can't follow the steps even though they are just repetitive. I think they repeated it more than 20 times and I still couldn't get it. O well, I did my best. As soon as class was finished, we hit the showers and was soon lying on our stomachs for some brisk scrubbing. Yes. We had a body scrub. Then they applied mud on us, straight from Jordan. I was joking that it smelled of Ilog Pasig. Anyways, they wrapped us up in a warm blanket for 25 minutes so that the toxins would be flushed out. I was thinking that they are adding more toxins to our bodies by appying burak from Ilog Pasig. :D We rinsed off and they applied lotion to our skin. Sarap ng pinapamper! :) After the lotion, we had facials. Wala akong masabi. Paglabas ko ng spa, parang ang saya saya ng balat ko. :D That's two hours well spent. Then Sunday was DA POGI day. We just spent the day at the house watching TV. From ASAP to the BUZZ. See, would you say it was a weekend well spent?

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Thursday, September 12, 2002

Has anybody been able to watch Singles at Channel 5? Its a reality TV show wherein they try to pair up the chosen single with another person. The viewers get participation by sending their votes on who they want to be featured on the show for the remainder of the season by SMS. Last season, they featured 3 guys and now 3 ladies. I have a crush on Mica Tuanio. No kidding. I want her to be chosen as the Single girl for this season. Last seasons Single boy was not really worth watching in TV. At least if Mica gets chosen, it'll be watchable. She has this bubbly personality and a smile that really lights up the TV screen. She was also chosen as one of Preview magazine's face of the year. Not just a pretty face, she graduated from UP with honors. Saw the episode last night. Ang jologs ng dating ni Asia. As in, Naawa ako sa date niya. They are not for each other. I wonder who set them up. Patty and Hans were having a good time. Mica and Illac are having a grand time. Asia and her date needed several shots of alcohol before they finally had a good time. Sheesh! Talk about not being in the jive. I voted for Mica. I hope she gets the spot. Patty's not that bad. I saw her in EK and though she's an ok singer, she exudes that sexy lead singer jive. Ang gwapo pa nung kasama nya na male singer sa band. Wag lang si Asia. I don't want to watch her drinking till the end of the season. ------------------- Check new commenting tool. ------------------- Looks like its working fine. All the other comments are gone. But at least this should be more reliable than enetation. :( ------------------- Recently linked up my blog to Barrio Alimasag. ------------------- People, sometimes, can be rude. It's just the cycle of life, may inaapi, may mang-aapi ------------------------------- School was ok. It's like going back to college, only, this time, expections are higher. Took the diagnostic exam for one of my subjects. Good thing its not part of the grade. Stuff are sometimes easier to remember when someone tells you at least one detail about something. Even a very small detail will help. Argh! Anyone want to suggest a class project??? :D ------------------------------ Found dav's site from lurking around. Posting this to remember to add to links.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Just to help me remember when I am old and gray. 1978 - I was the first born of my parents. Lavished with gifts. Well, until my sister came along. 1982 - Went to school for the first time. I was the youngest at class and I always brought with me a bottle of milk for recess. I was a saling-pusa. I knew how to read and write before entering school, thanks to my mom and dad. My first teacher was Miss Yamio. She was known to pinch your singit if you were naughty. My sister was born the year before. I think I went to school so that our yaya would have some time for herself. 1983 - I went back to Miss Yamio. She was the only pre school teacher around. I had no choice. I was still the youngest at class but also the most behaved. I graduated kindergarten with flying colors. Miss Yamio had to recommend me for first grade. 1984 - I entered first grade at the public elementary school near our house. My teacher was Mrs. Pamintuan. I don't remember much about first grade aside from the fact that my classmate always gave the teacher a block of chocolate everytime her dad came home from Saudi. She was our first honor for that year. 1985 - Got my first academic break. I learned that I could memorize the Three Little Kittens with matching action. :D My teacher was Mrs. Domingo. 1987 - Our teacher would make us buy sampaloc from her. This was also the year I discovered that Math was a joy. 1988 - Got my first taste of victory. I won the Math Olympiad individual award for my grade level for the whole division. I also had my first taste of teacher idolatry. Without my Math teacher, Mrs Abuel, I wouldn't have been an engineer. 1989 - I punched my classmate because he said that he had a crush on me. He was bigger than I was. If I only knew... 1990 - High School here I come! I met Anna on my first day at class. Everyone thought there was something wrong with her. 1991 - I got a good a idea what high school in an all girls school is like. I also hid in a broom closet because I was hiding from my dad. 1992 - I went to Baguio without parents. But of course the teacher was around. I found out that I was regarded as a nerd and generally baduy. But what the heck. 1993 - Last year in high school. 1994 - Met Pau at the enlistment line. Actually, I didn't get to know him personally. He just knew me as the noisy girl. The one who talked to everybody. Went to UP with a "I'm better than everybody" attitude. Almost failed Math 17. Attitude changed. Met bespren and instantly hit it off with her. 1995 - Flunked my first ES subject. Wasn't bothered much. Mye cried because she thought she was gonna pass but she failed. Now I feel like an eng'g student. 1997 - Met DA POGI through a friend. Started going out. 1999 - Graduated college. Took on my first job 15 days after graduation. 2000 - Exactly a year later, I left my first job and was in my second job the next day. 2001 - Went to the US for the first time. I had a grand time. Went to almost all the major cities in California. Had a blast getting to know the outlets. Toured most of the Theme parks. 2002 - Re-awakening that my Math skills are not the best. Started my MS degree. This is me in a nutshell. My life continues...

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

School starts today. I went to school yesterday to enroll for this trimester. My wallet is still hurting from shelling out that large amount of money. Heck! That was the first time I laid my hands on that large amount of money. It all but passed from my wallet, touching my hands in a split second and on to the hands of the cashier. I only wish that I get good grades this term so that I could reimburse the tuition I paid. I'm not ready for school later. I have no notebook. The pens that I had was not for studying. Hay! Sana I bought notebooks yesterday. Para naman ready for school na today. Kainis lang! I had to wear a blouse today because I still haven't had my ID picture taken. Ayaw nung mama na naka poloshirt. Gusto niya blouse talaga. Problem is with my early morning meeting, hindi gumana ang secret. I had to change to a shirt tuloy. Grrr! Wish me luck on my first day back to school.

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Sunday, September 08, 2002

I am not a quitter by nature. When it comes to matters of the heart though, I always find myself fighting for what I believe in, only to give in so as not to make matters worse. He just has better arguments sometimes that my arguments seem weak compared to his'. Maybe the things that are important to me seem so small to him. I can be bratty sometimes. I'm known to throw a tantrum when things don't go my way. But sometimes I feel that he should be the one who best understands my mood swings. He should know better by now. Maybe he's getting fed up by all the pettiness I put him through. Maybe I should grow up.

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Friday, September 06, 2002

I've been out sick yesterday. As the years pass by, the easier sickness targets me. I remember being down with the flu just a month ago. And now, here I am again. Down with something. If not for the deadlines I wouldn't have gone to work. But the responsible me was persistent in making the right move, careerwise. I think this is because I am overworked. I think I need a vacation. I've been needing a vacation since college. The last one I got was my 3 day weekend at boracay which really wasn't much of a vacation. Its not enough to compensate for the vacationless years that I had. Maybe I should think about taking a week off from work and really doing nothing. Just be a bum for a week. Something to think about...

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I managed to catch an advanced screening of The Rookie last Monday at Glorietta 1. Kate was kind enough to give DA POGI and me her tickets. It has been a long time since I watched a real feel good movie and this one has managed to achieve my level of expectation. Though it is predictable as a feel good movie, there is still that feeling that something bad might happen to the main character. Well, nothing did. That's why its a good feel good movie. Eme and I wanted to watch Jologs yesterday. Unfortunately, the only cinema in Makati that shows it is Glorietta 1. We arrived at Greenbelt at 5:30 and the screening at Glorietta 1 is at 5:10. We instead decided to spend some well earned money in Time Zone. I was sick this morning. I had a slight fever and had to rest at the clinic.

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Monday, September 02, 2002

Finally got the results from grad school. It seems that I have failed the math part of the test and need to retake some foundation classes. I thought about this while taking the exam. I was right. The worst thing they can do is let me retake the subject, and this is the worst. I'll enroll on Tuesday next week. I'll do my damnedest if that's what it takes. The saga has begun.

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Sunday, September 01, 2002

I shouldn't have watched Signs. :(

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Written August 31, 2002 12:25AM DA POGI was supposed to be on leave yesterday. He was to register his car at LTO, drop his mom off to the hospital, pick me up from the office to go see Rina's new baby, then cap the evening with a movie at Glorietta. Something happened along the way that left me here at DA POGI's office tinkering with my laptop for the past one and a half hour. My mom has sent me messages already asking for my whereabouts. My being this late without her knowing yesterday morning has triggered alarm bells. Thoughts of elopement must've panicked her. :) Anyways, DA POGI was called this afternoon for an office emergency. That's the main reason why I am here and the same time why I shouldn't be here. He was supposed to be at the office at 3PM and out of the office by 6PM. We would've rescheduled seeing Rina's baby for tomorrow and take dinner and a movie. I passed by his office to drop off my laptop and we agreed that we would just meet at the mall as late as 9PM. But things went from not so good to bad. I had dinner by myself which I hated doing and wandered around the mall until the stores started closing at 9. I wasn't even able to buy anything which just shows the state of depression my wallet is in. I digress. DA POGI gave me a call at 9 saying that he's not so sure if he can make it even to a midnight screening. I decided to just get a cab to get home and just see him tomorrow. That's when things went from bad to worse. When I went out to the lobby of Glorietta 4, the people waiting for taxis has taken a large amount of the area. I waited for 30 minutes until I finally gave up and walked to Park Square to try my luck. It had to started to rain and of course with the rain comes crowds waiting for taxis. I gave up and decided to wait 15 minutes before going out again. So from this point on, it was worse to worst. The rain has stopped but with the rains stopping came the taxis being selective. Everytime a taxi would stop, everybody would just run towards it giving out their destinations. The person with the best offer would win the taxi ride home! Since, I am here writing this, you might've guessed that I wasn't able to contend with the other contestants. DA POGI started to get worried when I haven't called him by 11. He gave me a call, and I cried. As in, cried with tears without regard to the other people around me. I hated being the damsel in distress and he knows that. I didn't even call him even though I knew that he would try to do something to help me out. I was so frustrated from being helpless. I hated all the taxi drivers in Makati and cursed every driver who would turn me down. But now I'm better because I'm here writing this. Good thing about my misfortune tonight, the hard drive of my laptop was cleaned up of junk, I have read my important emails thoroughly, some (Not all, I left some for tomorrow) tasks for this weekend are done, and most importantly, I spent some time with DA POGI. That can make even a 2 hour taxi cab wait worthwhile. :)

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