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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Presto Change-o!
I added a link for some of my favorite blogs to read. There's renaissance girl which I find very interesting. Its a journal of a young mother and corporate slave with lots of witty remarks. Check out her blurts page. :) Then there's mak's blog. Supposedly inspired by moi, it contains her thoughts for the day. Just so she could talk to herself once in a while. Quietly. :) And of course, the blog that inspired me to start my own, dazed in hk. It's a website and a blog rolled in one. Too bad its in hiatus. Be back later for more. I'm searching for more good reads. :)

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Monday, July 29, 2002

What's in a name?
Those who find the name of this blog boring, say aye! :) I've been thinking about finding a proper and more suitable name for this blog. This is my weblog just feels too generic. I admit, I named it so just to get the name done with. I haven't poured any thought into it and I'm starting to believe that the lack of hits is because of the boring name. If not for the URL, I would say that this blog definitely lacks that zing to be commercialized. Problem is, I can't find a great title that would really give an overview of what I am and what I'm all about. So, lets stick to This is my weblog. I'll wait when the creative juices ripen.

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This flu got to me
I often think of my self as a fairly easy to please person. I said fairly because I know that I can be such a baby at times and whine for something that I think I need to get at that time. But all in all, I worry some, I make some pass. Lately, I've been starting to be irritable about very small things. Like the fact that someone moved my computer mouse from where it should be. I had myself going into a rage as to which janitor should be punished for the misdeed. My SO joked that I should conserve energy and not vent out for sometime, and I lashed at him. It's not that its unlike me to be irritable, but I think I am doubly so. The truth is, I was exhausted last night because of the mouse issue that I had to get over in the morning and hundreds of little things that I should've let pass instead of ranting on. I don't know if its the flu, or if its PMS. But if I were someone else other than myself, I would run for cover just to avoid getting lashed by the wild woman.

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Sunday, July 28, 2002

Back in Business
I've been out with the flu. I admit that today is the first day since Wednesday of last week that I took a shower. I stunk during the weekend, but still had to stick it through. I slept to recuperate but still have that funny voice when I talked. Don't know if anybody missed me. More when I get the groove.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Something funny to make your day.
From Rex Navarette, the same guy who came up with SBC Packers, have fun watching Maritess and the Superfriends.

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10 Things about me
1. I was born a Friday. 2. I often misspell license. *spelled correctly now, thanks to a dictionary. 3. The first non academic book I read was a Sweet Dreams novel recommended by my high school teacher. 4. I've gained 30 pounds since college graduation. 5. I don't do team sports. 6. I dislike uncomfortable things. If its not comfortable, fughettitabowt! 7. I'm a loud person. 8. I'm a hyperblogger. 9. I have watched Pretty Woman exactly 28 times. 10. I don't eat corned beef.

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Monday, July 22, 2002

Do you have a close circle of a few, very good friends, or do you have a large circle of friends who are always at arms length?
Great question huh? I found it looking for blogs around the internet. I chanced upon the Topics Blog and found interesting questions to guide me in day to day blogging. Yeah, I know, I know. Even a person who is a talker needs to have a clear topic sometimes. Enough said. Now, let me answer the question. I am known to be a person who is not that friendly. I have only a small number of friends that I count on, and count on me, to be with through thick and thin. Counting all my friends, I only need my fingers and toes, and go through them only once. Heck! I might not even go through all of them. Let's see, I have only less than the fingers in my right hand to count as my friends in my workplace, about the number of the fingers in my left hand, plus or minus one, from my college years, and definitely less than the number of my toes in my right foot to count my high school friends. I might not be able to use up my toes from my left foot and the remaining fingers and toes from the other three to count the friends that I have whom I have met through different circumstances. As I've said, I'm not a friendly person. I often come out as arrogant and snobbish when people first meet me. It's just the way I am at first. People get turned off by that. The people that stick around to get to know me better become my friends. I think I'm a nice person, and a fairly presentable one at that, but sometimes people don't get the things that amuse me. Things that I do sometimes fail to amuse the onion-skinned. I guess, things would've been much different if I did have a sunny disposition always. I love the friends that I have, and if I could have more of them, why not? I'm thankful for my friends. And I hope that they are thankful that they have me. :) Done.

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Sunday, July 21, 2002

Slander etc.
Just had lunch with friends. Being pinoys that we are, we got talking about showbiz news in a matter of minutes. I won't deny it. My tear ducts were cleaned because I was crying from laughing too hard. Question number one on the table: What makes you blush? Anything. That was the answer of friend A. Which is probably the most honest answer one could get. She would turn red when asked about anything under the sun. Even the most simple question like has she eaten already, if asked in a peculiar way would generate peals of laughter from her, causing her face to turn red. Or we can just attribute it to her skin tone. :) Question number two for discussion: Did you know that [actress name here] had a hysterectomy? A simple answer of yes or no would've sufficed but not according to my friend. Friend B told us that this was caused by many abortions. Bravely saying that hysterectomies are done because of the rotting uterus caused by abortions. I asked her, does that mean that all women who had hysterectomies underwent abortion? With which she answered yes. Slander alarm going off! :D She was caught off guard with the question. Answering before her mind gave her a proper answer. Question number 3: Did you know that [actor's name here] was a flight steward? According to friend B, the actor became gay because he was a flight steward. Did you hear that slander alarm? :p Caught unaware again. O well, I've laughed enough for today. Give me an hour and I'll be back to my old self. I hope I don't get killed for telling on my friends.

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Saturday, July 20, 2002

Something new!
Readers can now post their comments using this great commenting tool by enetation. Just click on the comments button. Comment, we could have more fun this way. :)

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Just passing by...
It's Sunday. I'm at the office. Just wanna share that to everybody who can read this. Its not as if I have a pathetic life and have nothing to do except go to the office on a Sunday, I just needed to go in and help the guys out. Even for just moral support. Its always reassuring for people to know that they have support on hand if ever something goes wrong. Its nice to be that someone who reassures them. I got a mail from someone in the past. Somebody I know is getting married. Makes me wonder if he got the girl pregnant. Most people my age are getting married because of a baby. When I think about it, I haven't attended a friend's wedding wherein there's no baby involved. I'm just not in a writing mood. I'm done.

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Friday, July 19, 2002

Don't you have anything to do?
The mall is getting too familiar for me. It used to be that I go to the mall when I'm bored, I used to enjoy it. Now, my feet just hurt from walking around. Maybe I have gone lazy? Or maybe because I'm getting old? The mall is the Manila version of a park. Just take a peek at Glorietta on a Saturday. Lots of people going around without any packages with them. Meaning they have bought nothing from their trip to the mall! People are there just to walk around and bask in the airconditioning. Malls here in Manila is not simply a place where you bought things from specialty shops. Malling here is an experience. Movie theaters and amusement centers can be found here. Let's just say, it's a one stop shop. Only thing lacking is actual fresh air. Luneta is not exactly the safest place to be. Better breathe the recycled air, than the polluted one where you take the risk of your bag getting snatched.
This is the sound of my heart skipping a beat
Technology has made communication easier. I remember when my SO and I were just starting to go out we exchanged love letters almost every week. We really exert an effort to write something just to let the other know we care. Now, its down to texting and calling each other. But at least its every day. If the other's not that busy, it could be every hour. He has a penchant for sending me forwarded messages that he edits to fit our needs. It's really sweet, especially if I haven't received a general version of it. Sweet good mornings and good nights usually make my day. I don't know if he keeps an alarm for it, but he always sends me a message just to wish me a great day. Sometimes its really the little things make me feel special. It may be shallow, but really, it's the thought that counts. --> By the way, I opened a weblog for us at

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Thursday, July 18, 2002

I've been trying to edit the settings of my blog so I get my desired look and feel. I don't know if its because of the settings in the blogger or because of the cached data, but I can't seem to change it. Anyways, not that important. I have much more to say than complain about this... Suddenly everyone wants to be famous. My other friends read what I wrote yesterday. Now everyone wants to be added to the list of people I talk about in this blog. Friends, if you're reading this, may I remind you that I won't be mentioning names, just instances. So try to come up with something extraordinary, and you don't need to tell me to write about you. ok? :) Now I'm thinking, does it take commitment to be a professional blogger? I think it requires great skill and lots of musings to get to a topic to talk about. Never mind if one's a talker. No topic required. The words just spill out and yadda yadda yadda. It must take a certain degree of excitement to actually publish something that's gonna be worthwhile to read. Even if this is a journal, you can't expect your reader to read on if the contents are just: Woke up early, took a bath, went to work. It would need a certain degree of passion from the writer to write about something as mundane as going to work. The same meaning could be gathered from this sentence: Woke up to a beautiful morning with birds chirping and the sun barely shining. Got myself into a bath and was quite refreshed before I went on to go to work. Does it mean you have to be a talker for your stuff to be readable?

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Who, What, When, Where?
I was just talking to a friend of mine on the phone. As usual, email from her was taking its time to reach me and she just couldn't wait to tell me about her stuff. I promised her I would write something in this blog for her. Being the excited freak that I am, I told all my friends about this blog as soon as I released my first post. A day hasn't even passed since my last post, and here I am giving out my third one. Technically, my second. My friend recently had her heart broken. As I laughingly told her yesterday, theirs is turning out to be the worst break up ever. Fate is toying with her. See, no matter how hard she tries to avoid him, she just keeps on bumping into him. It's funny when fate does that. A simple jeepney ride takes a complicated turn when the person who broke her heart sat in front of her. She's being pretty strong about it. No tears yet, since two days ago. A miracle, considering she has been going out with this guy for more than five years. The minute I heard that she broke up with him, I was expecting tears. As I've said, she's being strong about it. And I am proud of her for that. Thinking about it, I would expect nothing less than the worst break up from them. They were planning to get married in a years time. My friend loved him. Theirs just turned out to be a love that wasn't meant to be. If it was meant to be, shouldn't they be together still? Try as I might to give her some useful advice, my mind fails me. I just know that she'll get over this someday. I don't know how long it'll take her but, cliche-ic as it may sound, I'm behind her every step of the way. To my friend, whatever support I may offer you, just remember, my birthday is coming up. ok? :)

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What happened to the first one?
This is my second blog. I don't know what happened to the first one. I must've clicked on the wrong button. You may think that using this blogger is as simple as it can get, but, well, I'm stupid that way. I got inspired by a friend of a friend to start up my own blog. I've been resisting getting into the whole internet bandwagon for sometime. For one thing, I'm scared of stalkers. I have this thing that I'm scared that the stuff I write will be read by the bad elements of society and that they'll use it against me. My fear does have basis, if you call watching too many Oprah shows as basis. I started up this blog to polish up on my spelling and grammar. I don't do much talking at work, and I'm getting scared that the grammar I learned at high school has completely gone to waste. Forget about college. Whatever grammar I learned there, I already knew because of high school. I hope I click the right button this time. Hate to have all this go to waste.

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